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Задания 17. Полное понимание информации в тексте
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Задание 17 № 29

Who did McLeod see on Mr. Sampson’s windowsill?


1) Nobody.

2) A stranger.

3) One of his schoolmates.

4) Mr. Sampson.

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Задание 17 № 75

Sally thought that at lunchtime they would have


1) meat sandwiches.

2) bread and butter with coffee.

3) fried chicken, eggs and vegetables.

4) tea with chocolate cakes.

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Задание 17 № 167

What are Kathy’s relationships with Susie now?


1) They hate each other.

2) They are close friends.

3) They are business partners.

4) They do not see each other.

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Задание 17 № 259

It became obvious to the narrator that he


1) needed to think of another career.

2) would like to work only in summer.

3) would like to have a higher position.

4) preferred ordinary non-professional work.

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Задание 17 № 305

Some critics say about text interpretation that


1) only philosophers should interpret texts.

2) people should enjoy books but not interpret them.

3) there are several ways to interpret a text.

4) there is the right interpretation to every book.

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Задание 17 № 351

Why was the bath out of the question?


1) The water was too cold.

2) There was no hot water.

3) The bathtub was dirty.

4) There was no light.

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Задание 17 № 397

The waiter in the next restaurant refused to bring them more drinks as


1) the son looked pale and faint.

2) the boy was too young to drink alcohol.

3) the restaurant was closing soon.

4) the waiter got angry with the son.

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Задание 17 № 443

The people in a line broke into spontaneous applause because the child


1) was forced to obey.

2) managed to get his way.

3) Had already eaten the candy bar.

4) manipulated his mother skillfully.

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Задание 17 № 489

Susan was alone at home


1) by pure chance.

2) because Aaron had arranged it.

3) regularly at this time of the day.

4) because she expected Aaron to come.

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Задание 17 № 535

What are the author’s plans for the future?


1) To visit her school in Ananandal as often as possible.

2) To stay in England and raise money for the school.

3) To move to India with her family.

4) Not to leave India any more.

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Задание 17 № 627

Why did the narrator go to the forest any time he had a chance to?


1) He liked hunting with local people.

2) He didn’t have chance to do any other work.

3) He wouldn’t have enough time for that later.

4) He had to feed animals that he had caught.

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Задание 17 № 673

The boy couldn’t solve the mathematics problem because he


1) didn’t like to make any effort.

2) was not interested in caterpillars.

3) refused to do mathematics in general.

4) was distracted by his teacher’s dances.

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Задание 17 № 719

According to the narrator, when the driver finally knows where to go, he would


1) speed up.

2) say you are lucky he knew the place.

3) turn the car in the opposite direction.

4) admit he was confused at first.

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Задание 17 № 765

Why did Lily have to do some occasional jobs?


1) She had to pay for her studies.

2) She had to support her grandmother.

3) She liked to change jobs.

4) She spent a lot on her clothes.

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Задание 17 № 811

The narrator liked the performance of the third nominee, Tanya Braden, because she


1) played her part very convincingly.

2) was very beautiful.

3) was a well-known actress.

4) played as a partner of a world-famous star.

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Задание 17 № 857

At the end of the class Gabe felt regret because


1) there were a lot of dishes he could not make on his own.

2) the dishes he made were not tasty.

3) he did not want to go back home.

4) he had not managed to master all the dishes he liked.

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Задание 17 № 903

The narrator finally


1) talked herself into going and fixing an appointment.

2) got her hair done at a hotel.

3) cut her hair after shampooing it.

4) spoilt her hair completely.

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Задание 17 № 995

Space hotels will require


1) exactly the same services and facilities as normal hotels.

2) absolutely different services and facilities than normal hotels.

3) more services and facilities than normal hotels.

4) less services and facilities than normal hotels.

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Задание 17 № 1179

People who work at night can hardly


1) fulfill traditional family obligations.

2) consult doctors when needed.

3) socialize to their liking.

4) ever sleep without ear-plugs.

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Задание 17 № 1363

The narrator believes that his successful leaps into the air and landing on his feet were due to


1) his personal courage.

2) people’s encouragement.

3) his intensive practising.

4) pure chance.

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Задание 17 № 1455

The narrator says that his journeys


1) helped him find some traces of the past.

2) extended his sympathy to a ‘stolen legacy’.

3) deepened his understanding of the concept of intellectual wars.

4) turned out to be the main contents of his book.

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Задание 17 № 1501

Saturday night dances were sponsored by


1) the recreation center.

2) churches.

3) the school.

4) the community.

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Задание 17 № 1547

By the end of the school the boy


1) was awarded his first form prize.

2) was among the best school students.

3) had to work harder and harder.

4) still couldn’t get the high grades.

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Задание 17 № 1593

The next stage in building a meal sharing routine is to


1) introduce as many days as possible.

2) introduce cookery competitions.

3) add Wednesday night to the schedule.

4) be persistent and more flexible.

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Задание 17 № 1639

The narrator’s words ‘It was too dangerous to continue’ refer to her decision to


1) keep on flying lower.

2) make an emergency landing on the water.

3) continue the flight.

4) ignore her heart problems.

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Задание 17 № 1685

Both teachers and students in the narrator’s school


1) had to follow a certain dress code.

2) were dressed in school uniform.

3) were addressed by their surnames.

4) could be compared to the ones in Hogwarts.

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Задание 17 № 1731

Why was the bath out of the question?


1) The water was too cold.

2) There was no hot water.

3) The bathtub was dirty.

4) There was no light.

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Задание 17 № 1777

What does "it" in paragraph 7 refer to ("Just the same, it can help...")?


1) Finding a perfect solution to eating on campus.

2) Cooking your own meals.

3) Creativity in a dining hall.

4) Eating outside of dining halls.

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Задание 17 № 1823

What does the word 'nonexistent' refer to in the last paragraph?


1) Home meals.

2) College security.

3) Memories.

4) Old friends.

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Задание 17 № 1869

The expression «chip on your shoulder» in paragraph 9 means ...


1) reflection of one's potential.

2) feelings of unfair treatment.

3) below-average performance.

4) record of achievements.

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Задание 17 № 1915

According to the final paragraphs, which of the factors discouraging girls from careers in science appears to be most important?


1) Academic underachievement.

2) Lack of opportunities in career growth.

3) Social stereotypes.

4) Lack of encouragement.

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Задание 17 № 1961

The phrase «vicious cycle» in paragraph 7 means ...


1) a course of everyday events.

2) a large amount of extra work.

3) a sudden wave of tiredness.

4) a repetitive cycle of poor sleep consequences.

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Задание 17 № 2053

The author is disappointed that eating meat is not...


1) officially prohibited.

2) considered as bad as drinking and smoking.

3) related to a poor lifestyle.

4) recognized as a major life-risking habit.

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Задание 17 № 2099

The phrase «Internet of things» refers to ...


1) personal computers of the users.

2) things ordered through the Internet.

3) a new network replacing the current Internet.

4) appliances with access to the Web.

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Задание 17 № 2283

How does the author feel about the evidence of climate change?


1) It's not enough yet.

2) It's irrelevant so far.

3) It's not very convincing.

4) It soon would become conclusive.

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Задание 17 № 2375

The expression “chip on your shoulder” in paragraph 9 means …


1) feelings of unfair treatment.

2) reflection of one’s potential.

3) below-average performance.

4) record of achievements.

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Задание 17 № 2421

Suzie’s mom said that


1) she used to have sea monkeys.

2) sea monkeys were silly.

3) she was allergic to them too.

4) sea monkeys were too much trouble.

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Задание 17 № 2468

Right before losing consciousness Polina thought about cows because


1) she was thirsty and was craving milk.

2) the cows were the last thing she’d seen before fainting.

3) the heat stroke she was suffering from made her hallucinate.

4) she thought that cows would have helped her find her home.

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Задание 17 № 2544

The author calls for …


1) allowing more time for personal life.

2) giving equal attention to real world and Internet.

3) developing thinking abilities.

4) a healthy life style.

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Задание 17 № 2590

During his travels the author realized the importance of …


1) direct experiences.

2) independence.

3) adventures.

4) education.

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Задание 17 № 2687

The expression “put the gears in motion” in “…it is wise to put the gears in motion now” (paragraph 9) means …


1) to explore.

2) to begin.

3) to move.

4) to invest.

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Задание 17 № 2923

People used to pour milk in a cup before tea


1) to change the taste of tea.

2) not to spoil the flavour of tea.

3) to achieve the best colour of tea.

4) not to break expensive cups.

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Задание 17 № 2967

What does the author imply by asking “How young is too young”?


1) Leap Band products suit any child.

2) Wristwatch-like products are for older children.

3) Technology may enter children’s life too early.

4) Leap Band is inappropriate for young children.

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Задание 17 № 3191

According to the author, driverless cars will be …


1) as important socially as the Internet.

2) enthusiastically accepted by the people.

3) operated without transitional delays.

4) used by people with caution at first.

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Задание 17 № 3240

Lucid dreaming happens


1) when a person is at the "deep sleep" stage.

2) during the "Rapid Eye Movement" stage.

3) when a person is not completely asleep.

4) when a person is having a nightmare.

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Задание 17 № 3301

According to the author, macaques did NOT develop an additional attention system because they


1) did not have behavioural information.

2) could not get subtle signals.

3) did not need behavioural information.

4) had no need to make decisions.

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Задание 17 № 3345

Landscapers start their work early because …


1) it feels more comfortable.

2) it is better for watering the flowers.

3) they have a very packed schedule.

4) it’s a customers’ requirement.

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Задание 17 № 3548

Which of the following is NOT the reason why Esperanto has failed to become a universal language?


1) Esperanto is not an obligatory subject at schools.

2) Esperanto is a difficult language to learn.

3) There are not enough enthusiasts of Esperanto.

4) Its place has already been taken by English.

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Задание 17 № 3592

Which negative effect of information flood does the author recognise?


1) Inefficient access to data.

2) Lack of self-control.

3) Continuous distraction.

4) Shallow mindedness.

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Задание 17 № 3636

In the 6th paragraph the author implies that


1) the Doctor Who TV series inspired writers to create novels about the Doctor.

2) every Doctor Who episode later gets published in the format of a book.

3) Neil Gaiman has written some episodes for the Doctor Who TV series.

4) Doctor Who is based on more than 150 books by different authors.

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Задание 17 № 3763

Which statement is NOT true about Major Digby Tatham-Warter?


1) He had a British sense of humour.

2) He was a typical British eccentric.

3) He used an umbrella as a weapon.

4) He didn’t find war serious or scary.

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Задание 17 № 3829

Which of the following, according to the article, is NOT the lesson Claudia’s case

can teach us?


1) All happens for the best.

2) Keep your face.

3) Failure is natural.

4) Love and be loved.

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Задание 17 № 3957

Which of the following statements, according to the author, is TRUE about international students in Stirling?


1) They don't dress up as well as locals.

2) They don't talk to strangers.

3) They may experience many positive cultural surprises.

4) Their eating habits are different.

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