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Задания Д A4 № 887

Вы услышите диалог дважды. Определите, является ли следующее утверждение верным, или неверным, или о нем нет информации.


Воспользуйтесь плеером, чтобы прослушать запись.


Carter failed his last exam.

1) True
2) False
3) Not stated


Расшифровка записи
Carter: Hello, Holly. I need to talk to you.
Holly: Hi, Carter. We’ve got about ten minutes before Professor Label comes. How can I help you?
Carter: Holly, may I borrow your notes? I’ll give them back tomorrow.
Holly: Sorry, but I usually go to the cafeteria and review them. Say, why don’t you copy them over in the library?
Carter: Okay, I think I’ve got enough coins for the machine. You’re a lifesaver, Holly!
Holly: No problem. But I don’t understand why you need my notes, Carter; you
haven’t missed any classes. Have you lost your notebooks?
Carter: Em... no, of course, not. But weekday mornings, I’m a cashier at a coffee
shop. After work, I come directly to school, and, boy, am I beat!
Holly: Wow, you must be really exhausted!
Carter: That’s exactly why I want to borrow your notes; I’ve been nodding off during class, so my notes aren’t very good. But I need them badly — the exams are
coming and I’m short of time.
Holly: Well, here’s Professor Label; he’s about to start a lecture. How are you feeling?
Carter: I’m usually awake at the beginning. But ten minutes into class and I have trouble keeping my eyes open.
Holly: Listen, I need someone to study with, and you need someone to keep you awake; want to be study companions?
Carter: Yeah, I’d sure appreciate it.
Holly: Okay; let’s start today at the library. We should go there anyway. I'll have to grab a bite to eat in the cafeteria. I am hungry. Would you go with me?
Carter: No, thanks. We have someone from the international center coming to speak to the students about extracurricular activities, so I’ll join you in the library. Oh, no, it looks like the Professor has brought along some more of his slides; push me if I start falling asleep.
Holly: I’m afraid I won’t be very helpful; his slides make me sleepy too!
Carter: Anyway, can you wake me up as soon as he finishes showing them?
Holly: Okay. You owe me an ice-cream.

Нет информации.