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Задание 44 № 3710

Study the two photographs. In 1.5 minutes be ready to compare and contrast the photographs:

• give a brief description of the photos (action, location)

• say what the pictures have in common

• say in what way the pictures are different

• say which of the seasons presented in the pictures you preferred as a child

• explain why

You will speak for not more than 2 minutes (12–15 sentences). You have to talk continuously.



In the first picture we can see a young girl in a winter forest with a snowman she seems to have made. The second picture depicts another young girl on a summer plain with a several dozens of baloons.

A common feature of these pictures is that both have young girls that seem to enjoy themselves in them. However, they are different in the time and place they were taken: the first one was clearly shot in a park or a forest during winter or early spring, while the second seems to have been taken during summertime on a beautiful grassy plain.

I for myself have always loved summer the most, since in my childhood it meant spending three whole months with my beloved grandparents and two cousins. We were having ridiculous amounts of fun together back in those times. That is all I had to say.

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