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Задание 38 № 1785

Вставьте пропущенное слово:


1) disappointed

2) dissatisfied

3) apologized

4) regretted



Diana had been hoping to get away by 5:00, so she could be at the farm in time for dinner. She tried not to show her true feelings when at 4:37 her deputy, Phil Haskings, presented her with a complex twelve-page document that 32 ______ the signature of a director before it could be sent out to the client. Haskins didn't hesitate to 33 ______ her that they had lost two similar contracts that week.


To 34 ______ the truth, it was always the same on a Friday. The phones would go quiet in the middle of the afternoon and then, just as she thought she could leave, a new document would land on her desk. Diana looked at the document and knew there would be no chance of escaping before 6:00.


Diana adored her children. At first 35 ______ she looked happy. The demands of being a single parent as well as a director of a small but thriving City company meant there were 36 ______ moments left in any day to relax. When it came to the one weekend in four that James and Caroline spent with her ex-husband, Diana would try to leave the office a little earlier than usual to avoid the weekend traffic.


She read through the first page slowly, aware that any mistake 37 ______ hastily on a Friday evening could be 38 ______ in the weeks to come. She glanced at the clock on her desk as the signed the final page of the document. It was just showing 5:51.


Passive voice — any mistake could be regretted — о любой ошибке будут сожалеть.

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