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Задания Д A4 № 841

Вы услышите диалог дважды. Определите, является ли следующее утверждение верным, или неверным, или о нем нет информации.


Воспользуйтесь плеером, чтобы прослушать запись.


Jack thinks that we should respect the rules of other cultures.

1) True
2) False
3) Not stated


Расшифровка записи
Tom: I was an exchange student in Denmark in 2005 and had an absolutely awful experience with my host family and my school. They weren’t the friendliest of people.
Jack: Oh really? Well, with me there were things that made me a bit sad but in general I enjoyed being there. Yes, I know, people can seem a little cold and, yes,
even rude.
Tom: That’s it. And in my very first week I got insulted by a bus driver when I was trying to clip my card. Of course it can happen anywhere, but it was a bit sad that no one batted an eyelid.
Jack: It’s something I experienced as well, to be honest, but Scandinavians seem to be very sensitive underneath the shell. The harder the shell is, it seems, the more fragile underneath. It’s a new set of social rules we need to learn, I guess, when we go to a different country.
Tom: You’re right, of course. And despite all my problems, I miss Denmark so much, it’s like having a constant stomachache.
Jack: I know what you mean. There are things that I really love there. First, the tap water is drinkable. Then the Metro is gorgeous. It’s a pleasure to go by train, as the trains are cute inside.
Tom: What is more, the sky is often starry, because there’s little pollution. The air is pretty good. The thing is, I haven’t been happy since I returned home to the States. I’ve gotten to the point that I consider myself more Danish than I do American. But I wonder if it will be difficult to make new friends.
Jack: I have friends who live there now who say it’s quite hard to make friends or get into their circle. But, I think, it depends.
Tom: Ideally I plan to move in January. Yes, I know it’s the coldest month but if I don’t do it then, I’ll get all wrapped up in our city’s big spring festival and then the football season begins, then my birthday ... you get the idea — and never ...
Jack: Yes, and this will also give you enough time to get a visa.

It’s a new set of social rules we need to learn, I guess, when we go to a different country.