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Задание 34 № 2940

Вставьте пропущенное слово:


1) over

2) on

3) ahead

4) through

Virtual High School


Christina C. was determined to graduate from high school. Yet, being not a driven student she faced numerous hurdles , leading to frustration.

At that point, a school administrator told Christina about a new public schooling 32_____ –Youth Connection Charter School (YCCS) Virtual High School – that could be a path to graduation.

Christina chose the combination of Virtual High School's online instruction coupled with the support from classroom teachers. This hybrid education model 33_____her to take online courses at home and attend some lessons at school.

"When I found out about this program, my mother said it was a good idea and told me she would help me get 34_____ it. The school even provided bus 35_____ so I could attend – and it was the best decision," she said.

"It was hard for me to adjust but taking the classes on the computer gave me a chance to study at my own 36_____," said Christina.

The online courses also relieved the pressure Christina often felt in a traditional classroom. "Sometimes I was hesitant to let a teacher know I didn't understand something. Because there were so many students, I couldn't get the individual attention I needed. The online courses really take the pressure off because you can 37_____ your time till you understand it all," she explained.

This past June, Christina, aged 19, graduated from High School and her academic success and newfound confidence spurred her to apply – and to be accepted – to Trinity Christian College, with a partial scholarship.

"I was shocked ... Here I was ready to give up, and I graduated with As. I can go to college and make my dreams 38_____true," she said.

Задание 32 № 2938

Вставьте пропущенное слово:


1) chance

2) advantage

3) option

4) preference

Задание 33 № 2939

Вставьте пропущенное слово:


1) allowed

2) let

3) provided

4) gave

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Задание 35 № 2941

Вставьте пропущенное слово:


1) charge

2) fare

3) tuition

4) expense

Задание 36 № 2942

Вставьте пропущенное слово:


1) step

2) walk

3) speed

4) pace

Задание 37 № 2943

Вставьте пропущенное слово:


1) spend

2) have

3) enjoy

4) take

Задание 38 № 2944

Вставьте пропущенное слово:


1) realize

2) become

3) come

4) get


get through — to succeed or cause or help to succeed in an examination, test, etc.