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Задание 44 № 2884

Study the two photographs. In 1.5 minutes be ready to compare and contrast the photographs:


• give a brief description of the photos (action, location)

• say what the pictures have in common

• say in what way the pictures are different

• say which photo is more attractive for you

• explain why


You will speak for not more than 2 minutes (12–15 sentences). You have to talk continuously.



In the photo number one, we can see a pretty big group of soldiers going in the row. They are holding guns, perhaps they are going to the war or just serving in the army. In the second picture there are many children. They are wearing uniform and the red scarves. They look like «pioneers». That's why I think that this picture was taken in China or North Korea.

Both of the pictures show us people in uniform. The difference is that in the first picture we see adults while in the second one — kids.

As for me, I never supported the patriotic education and never thought about serving in the army. I know that the patriotic education that is becoming more and more popular in our country is important. That is the only way how the government can make their people love the country and nation. But I'm a pacifist and don't think that giving guns to the kids is the only way to make them love their motherhood and protect it if the war begins. Besides the patriotic education army has another side — violence, which is not a good thing. That's why none of these pictures are attractive for me.


Высказывание должно быть логично; содержать вступительную и заключительную фразы, соответствующие теме. Средства логической связи должны быть использованы верно. Необходимо избегать необоснованных пауз в речи, верно расставлять ударения, правильно использовать интонацию, не нарушать нормы произношения слов.

Источник: РЕШУ ЕГЭ