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Задание 44 № 2876

Study the two photographs. In 1.5 minutes be ready to compare and contrast the photographs:


• give a brief description of the photos (action, location)

• say what the pictures have in common

• say in what way the pictures are different

• say what kind of job presented in the photos you prefer

• explain why


You will speak for not more than 2 minutes (12–15 sentences). You have to talk continuously.



In the photo number one we can see a man. By the way he is dressed I can tell that he’s working in some fast food restaurant. He is smiling widely and giving a paper glass of coke to a client. In the picture number two we see a man as well. He’s wearing a suit and holding an expensive lap top. He definately looks very successful. I think he has a well-paid job.

Both of the pictures are connected with different types of work. Both of them show different types of workers. The difference between those two guys is obvious: one is working in a fast food restaurant, another one in the office of some big company. And I can say that first kind of job (presented in the photo on the left) isn’t attractive at all. And the guy on the left definitely looks less successful than the guy on the right.

As for me, I’d never wanted to work in the fast food restaurant. I think that working as a staff is really tough. When I grow up, I want to have a good and well-paid job, that is why I’m going to the University after school.


Высказывание должно быть логично; содержать вступительную и заключительную фразы, соответствующие теме. Средства логической связи должны быть использованы верно. Необходимо избегать необоснованных пауз в речи, верно расставлять ударения, правильно использовать интонацию, не нарушать нормы произношения слов.

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