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Задание 44 № 2875

Study the two photographs. In 1.5 minutes be ready to compare and contrast the photographs:


• give a brief description of the photos (action, location)

• say what the pictures have in common

• say in what way the pictures are different

• say in which scene presented in the photos you'd like to take part

• explain why


You will speak for not more than 2 minutes (12–15 sentences). You have to talk continuously.



In the photo number one we can see a group of people. By the presentence of some special equipment. I can say that they are shooting the interview with some famous people. In the picture number two we see two women. One of them is a makeup artist. She’s doing a make-up for another woman – a model. The model has a strange wig. She looks like she’s an actress who plays in historical movie about the 18th century.

Both of the pictures are related with filming and TV industry. In both of them, some people will appear on the TV screen. Both photos present life of the backstage. The difference is that first scene tells about some interview, which is a realistic scene. The second picture shows the preparation process for a film, which is related with the world of art.

As for me, though I’m afraid of the cameras, I prefer to play in some historical movie. It would be funny to dress in some historical costume and have a special haircut and make-up.


Высказывание должно быть логично; содержать вступительную и заключительную фразы, соответствующие теме. Средства логической связи должны быть использованы верно. Необходимо избегать необоснованных пауз в речи, верно расставлять ударения, правильно использовать интонацию, не нарушать нормы произношения слов.

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