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Задание 44 № 2873

Study the two photographs. In 1.5 minutes be ready to compare and contrast the photographs:


• give a brief description of the photos (action, location)

• say what the pictures have in common

• say in what way the pictures are different

• say what kind of sleep presented in the photos you'd prefer

• explain why


You will speak for not more than 2 minutes (12–15 sentences). You have to talk continuously.



In the photo number one we can see a group of young people. All of them are sitting in a class, they might be university students or high school students. One of them, a guy, is laying on the table and sleeping during the lecture. In the picture number two we see a young man, who is sleeping as well. He is probably at home, sleeping on the couch. It looks like his sleep is very deep, the couch should be cozy.

Both of the pictures are related with sleeping. In both of them there are some people who are sleeping. The difference is that in the first photo a guy is sleeping on the table, in the public place (a classroom). In the second one other guy is sleeping on the sofa, at home.

As for me, I’d prefer sleeping at home. Firstly, because it’s rather comfortable than sleeping in the classroom. Secondly because teacher can start to yell at you, if you sleep during his lectures. And thirdly, because it’s hard to pass your exam successfully if you miss your classes sleeping.


Вы­ска­зы­ва­ние долж­но быть ло­гич­но; со­дер­жать всту­пи­тель­ную и за­клю­чи­тель­ную фразы, со­от­вет­ству­ю­щие теме. Сред­ства ло­ги­че­ской связи долж­ны быть ис­поль­зо­ва­ны верно. Не­об­хо­ди­мо из­бе­гать не­обос­но­ван­ных пауз в речи, верно рас­став­лять уда­ре­ния, пра­виль­но ис­поль­зо­вать ин­то­на­цию, не на­ру­шать нормы про­из­но­ше­ния слов.

Источник: РЕШУ ЕГЭ