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Задание 43 № 2828

These are photos from your photo album. Choose one photo to describe to your friend.



You will have to start speaking in 1.5 minutes and will speak for not more than 2 minutes (12–15 sentences). In your talk remember to speak about:


• where and when the photo was taken

• what/who is in the photo

• what is happening

• why you keep the photo in your album

• why you decided to show the picture to your friend


You have to talk continuously, starting with: "I’ve chosen photo number … ".


I’ve chosen photo number 3. Do you know that I like taking pictures? My family and I decided to rent a truck and take a ride to another country. I took the photo when we were passing by the big mountainous area. It was the first day of our trip. The place was surely abandoned. We were very tired so we came to the decision to spend a night there. In the foreground of the picture you can see a white truck. It is standing on the giant mountain. In the background you can see a huge valey. The weather is nice and peaceful. I keep the photo in my album because of the incredible view. Despite all difficulties that we had this trip was very amusing. All problems seem so insignificant if you stay optimistic and cheerful. I decided to show the picture to you because this adventure meant a lot to me. And I have lots of pleasant memories from those days that I'm glad to share. I hope that some day we will go to that place together.


Высказывание должно быть логично; содержать вступительную и заключительную фразы, соответствующие теме. Средства логической связи должны быть использованы верно. Необходимо избегать необоснованных пауз в речи, верно расставлять ударения, правильно использовать интонацию, не нарушать нормы произношения слов.

Источник: РЕШУ ЕГЭ