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Задание 39 № 1526

You have received a letter from your English-speaking pen-friend Mike who writes:


... Next week we’re presenting orally the results of our individual projects in science. My project is good, but I hate oral assessment in general and I’m afraid I won’t present my project well orally. Do you have projects? How often do your teachers ask you to make projects in different subjects? What do you prefer: written reports or oral presentations? ... Imagine my brother Dan will have no homework for the whole term! His class’s been chosen for the experimental group by his school administration!!! …


Write a letter to Mike. In your letter answer her questions, ask 3 questions about the Dan’s reaction to the experiment. Write 100—140 words. Remember the rules of letter writing. You have 20 minutes to do this task.


St. Petersburg, Russia

November, 30

Dear Mike,

Thanks for your letter. I'm sorry for not writing you for so long. I was busy doing my school project.

I’m sure you’ll present your project successfully. My only advice is to keep calm and do your best. Some teachers ask us to do creative projects connected with their subjects. But it’s not usually our main work. We do it before the exams to obtain the better marks at the end of the course. I like to do oral presentations, actually. I think that I can present my theme better in the oral conversation by telling the information in the accessible way with some interesting facts and an opportunity of starting discussions.

Anyway, good for your brother! Did he like that he was in the target group of the experiment? How did he feel? Is he interested in the results?

I've got to go as my father is asking me to help him with his car.

Write back soon.

Best wishes,