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Задания Д A1 № 148

Вы услышите диалог дважды. Определите, является ли следующее утверждение верным, или неверным, или о нем нет информации.


Воспользуйтесь плеером, чтобы прослушать запись.


Mike is five years older than his sister.

1) True
2) False
3) Not stated


Расшифровка записи
Interviewer: So Mike, you mentioned your family, do you have a big family?
Mike: No, I have a fairly small family, actually, including me there are only four people in my family.
Int: So it’s your mother, your father, you...
Mike: And my sister.
Int: Oh, and your sister. OK, is your sister younger or older than you?
Mike: She’s younger. She’s just started university actually.
Int: OK, that’s nice. So where does your family live right now?
Mike: Ah, my mother and my father live in Victoria in Canada and my sister is on the other side of Canada in Montreal in Quebec and I live in the capital.
Int: Well, tell me about your father. What’s your father like?
Mike: My father is pretty much the most interesting person I know. He tells different kinds of stories about his childhood, and his growing up.
Int: Did he grow up in Canada?
Mike: No, he grew up in Liverpool, in England.
Int: OK, nice, and what does your father do?
Mike: Ah, he was a pilot until five years ago. It was kind of tragic, he had a heart attack and he wasn’t allowed to fly anymore.
Int: Oh, I'm sorry.
Mike: He’s fine now, yeah.
Int: OK, what about your mother? Does she work?
Mike: No, she doesn’t. She used to work. They both worked for Cathay Pacific airline. My mother was a stewardess and my father was a pilot. She was first introduced to him as a new member of the crew when they flew together to Osaka.
Int: Oh, what a story. OK and what about your sister? You said that she’s a student.
Mike: She’s a student. She’s in her first year in McGill University which is in Quebec. I haven’t spoken to her lately so I don’t know how she’s doing.
Int: So you and your sister, are you similar or quite different?
Mike: Oh, we are definitely quite different.
Int: How so?
Mike: I was a rebellious type. I pretty much laid the foundation for my sister to get all the freedoms that she has — Mum and Dad treat her differently now. But she doesn’t appreciate any of those things. Another way that we’re different is that she’s really into arts and drawing and painting and making music whereas I’m more into the technical side of things, like computer making, fixing cars.
Int: So it sounds like you are quite different. Well, maybe she’ll listen to this and she’ll appreciate you more.
Mike: I hope so.

Int: Oh, and your sister. OK, is your sister younger or older than you?

M: She is younger. She is just started university actually


В диалоге вообще не сообщается о возрасте ни брата, ни сестры. Говорится, что сестра младше.