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Задание 39 № 100

You have received a letter from your English-speaking pen-friend Richard who writes:


...I’m currently studying for my exams and hope to do well at my finals. I wish I could have more free time now as I love going out with my friends, meeting new people, making new acquaintances. Do you like hanging out with friends in your free time or are you a stay-at-home type? How do you usually spend the weekend? What are your hobbies or interests?

A friend of mine is coming to see me this weekend...


Write a letter to Richard. In your letter answer his questions, ask 3 questions about his friend’s visit. Write 100—140 words. Remember the rules of letter writing. You have 20 minutes to do this task.


St. Petersburg, Russia

November, 30

Dear Richard,

Thank you for your letter. I'm sorry for not writing you for so long. I spent time doing a school project.

I hope you’ll succeed at your finals. I prefer spending time with my friend. I think that everything depends on my mood. Usually, during the weekends I need to go out to spend my free time with friends in some café or movies etc. But at the same time some weekends I stay at home and enjoy being alone, watching films, cooking food or playing the piano. Music is my main hobby. Also I’m very interested in literature.

Anyway, you've mentioned your friend. What are you going to do together? How often do you meet? Have you warned your parents about the visit?

I've got to go as my dad is asking me to help him with his car.

Write back soon.

Best wishes,