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Задания 35. Лексико-грамматические навыки

Вставьте пропущенное слово:


1) search

2) investigation

3) exploration

4) study

Busy Day

Let me tell you what happened once when my dear Uncle Podger decided to hang a picture on the wall. He told us not to 32 ______ and just watch him do it. He said he would do it by himself. Well, he came up to the picture which was waiting to be put up in the dining room and took it. But suddenly it fell down and the glass 33 ______ into pieces and he cut his finger. He started to 34 ______ his handker chief but couldn’t find it because he had put it in his coat and none of us knew where his coat was.


‘Six of you!’ Uncle Podger exclaimed, ‘and you cannot find the coat that I put down only five minutes ago!’ But then he got up from his chair and found that he had been sitting on his coat the whole time. ‘Oh, you can stop your 35 ______ . I’ve found it myself!’


Then after an hour was spent in tying up his finger Uncle Podger wondered where the hammer had disappeared to. And while everybody was trying to get the hammer he was standing on the chair saying: ‘Well, I want to know if you are going to 36 ______ me here all evening!’


Finally the hammer was found, but we noticed that the nail which he had prepared was lost. And, of course, Uncle Podger didn’t keep 37 ______ while he was waiting for another nail to be brought. We heard all he had to say about our habit of losing all the things he needed.


When the picture was hanging on the wall at last, everybody looked very 38 ______ , all except Uncle Podg er, who was lively as ever. Aunt Maria remarked that if Uncle Podger wanted to do a job like that again, she would spend a week with her mother until it was over.


Вставьте пропущенное слово:


1) explore

2) analyze

3) teach

4) learn

A Storyteller

In my early 20s, after a year and a half in England, and four months in France, I returned to the United States and got a job at a camp in northern Virginia. My 32 ______ that summer was Dan from Mississippi, and I am from Rhode Island. We worked together with a group of boys from 12 to 14 years old. I've always been a bit untidy, but Dan was 33 ______ and clean, even after a night in the woods with our campers. We could not have been more different, but we got on because we shared the same 34 ______ of humor.


At the end of the summer, a few of us went to 35 ______ a cave in West Virginia and got stuck in the cave for the night. It wasn’t as dramatic as it sounds. The park rangers had told us to stay there if anything happened. They knew where we were going, and when we should have been back. Dan hurt his right foot badly. So we had to 36 ______ the night in the cave. Food and water were not a problem, but we turned off our lights to save power. In the distance, we could hear the sound of running water.


To 37 ______ the time, we told stories. That night in the cave we moved from one family story to another. As the night wore on, I remembered more and more. I was not alone—the cave, the blue light and the flowing water released stories and memories that we had never revealed to anyone. It was as if a river of stories had started flowing in each of us.


When the rangers came the next morning, we didn’t want to 38 ______ . ‘Can’t we just tell a few more stories?’ In the cave, that night, I became a storyteller.


Вставьте пропущенное слово:


1) knowledge

2) information

3) education

4) training

New York City:

Nostalgia for the Old Neighbourhood

Life is made up of little things: some unimportant memories from childhood that, in fact, shaped your character. I 32 ______ on Third Avenue in midtown Manhattan during the 1950s-60s where family life was centred around old 33 ______ of flats and small stores. Third Avenue was my old neighbourhood and it had character. It was 34 ______ with working families of Italian, German and Irish origin. We shopped together with all those people and their kids played together. Third Avenue influenced the way our family lived. I absorbed the street life. It gave me an 35 ______ that I could not have received in any other place. To me, it was home.


In a recent walk around Third Avenue my eyes 36 ______ signs of the old neighbourhood but couldn’t find any. If I hadn’t been born here and someone described the area, it would be 37 ______ to believe. It wasn’t because a few buildings had changed — everything had changed. The transformation began in the late 1950s and 60s when corporations replaced the old neighbourhood. In the early 1960s, the houses were pulled down. Families were forced to 38 ______ , the small stores went out of business and the old neighbourhood was changed forever. And now there is a lack of character in the transformed neighbourhood.


Вставьте пропущенное слово:


1) also

2) altogether

3) although

4) thus

То Hear a Child

I believe in patience. I live as a volunteer residential counselor in a small group home. These boys have brought joy and happiness into my life; they have made me laugh and made me proud. However, they have also challenged me, made me angry and tested my patience.


Each day we start anew, going about a 32 ______ routine. I drive them to school, pick them up, cook for them and help with homework. We spend the evenings 33 ______ about what happened during the day. I meet their teachers and study for tests with them. They are the last people I see each night and the first ones I hear in the morning. They have become a 34 ______ of my life. I am twenty-two and am beginning to understand the love of a parent.


I could not have come this far without patience. They do not think like miniature adults and it is not fair to expect them to. 35 ______ my expectations of them are high, I must remember that so much of what they see and understand is for the first time. First loves, first failed test, first time feeling the need to break away from the nest. I must have patience with them, because there is still a child within that comes out when I least expect it.


This world is a fast-paced, fast food, fast-internet place. 36 ______ , no matter how fast things move, children will be children. I believe they will mature quicker and with more tools if I am patient. I see it in their eyes. Over time, sad eyes can glisten again, but only if I am 37 ______ of the fact that it takes them longer to get somewhere.


I see around them a world that expects too much of them. They come 38 ______ too many things that give them too much sadness. They listen to me, respect me and understand reason but not always when I want them to. This opportunity has given me wisdom but only when I was patient enough to hear a child.


Вставьте пропущенное слово:


1) stared

2) gazed

3) looked

4) glanced


It was raining. The rain started early in the morning and it seemed, that it would never stop. Looking out of the window, Bo was thinking about his telephone conversation. Raindrops spattered the windshield as the taxi sliced through 32 ______ traffic on Park Avenue. There were too many cars as usual. When it had skidded to a halt at the curb, Bo gave a ten-dollar bill to the driver. That included a very generous tip. He 33 ______ his point of destination and was ready to take on Frank Ramsey. He had called Ramsey that morning from the Yale club and demanded the meeting. Ramsey had tried to avoid it but Bo insisted and Ramsey gave 34 ______ . At the building’s revolving doors, Bo glanced back over his shoulder through the rain and noticed a woman standing on the sidewalk a short distance away. In the dim light he could not get a clear picture. She 35 ______ so much like Tiffany. She was wearing a yellow top and had long blond hair. Standing absolutely 36 ______ beneath her umbrella while everything around her moved, she seemed to be gazing sraight at him. His heart 37 ______ , the way it always did when he saw her. He couldn’t help it. Bo strained to 38 ______ sight of her as he was jostled into the doorway. When he cleared the doors, the woman had already disappeared.


Вставьте пропущенное слово:


1) worry

2) trouble

3) bother

4) mess



It wasn’t unusual for Amos to go to Deravenels on Saturday, even though the offices were closed over the weekend. He 32 ______ to go to tidy up his paperwork and do other small jobs he couldn’t attend to during the week.


But on this Saturday morning he had a specific purpose when he arrived at the grand old building on the Strand. The uniformed doorman 33 ______ Amos close his umbrella and take off his raincoat. Then he touched his cap and said, “Good morning, Mr. Finnister”.


Amos had come to the office to 34 ______ a few telephone calls. His first call was to the Royal London Hospital, Whitechapel, where he quickly discovered the records office was not open on weekends. He then dialed Ravenscar and was put through to Edward Deravenel.


“Good morning, Amos,” Edward said. “I’m assuming you have some news for me.” Amos then relayed all the information he had gathered the night before.


“Well done, Amos!” Edward exclaimed. “Thank you for going into all this 35 ______ . I knew I could depend 36 ______ you. My wife will be happy as I am to know everything; it’s been such a mystery all these years. To 37 ______ the truth, I think that Grace Rose should also know what happened to her mother. It will finally put her mind at rest.”


“I agree, sir. I will telephone you on Monday”. Amos walked home, 38 ______ no attention to the heavy rain. He felt happy.


Вставьте пропущенное слово:


1) held

2) used

3) took

4) kept

A strange girl

Stephen pulled up the collar of his coat as he walked along the platform. Overhead a dim fog clouded the station. He was 32 ______ trains move slowly, throwing off clouds of steam into the cold air. Everything was dirty and smoke-grimed. Stephen thought with revulsion: “What a foul country — what a foul city!” He had to 33 ______ that his first excited reaction to London — its shops, its restaurants, its well-dressed attractive women — had faded. Supposing he were back in South Africa now... To 34 ______ the truth, he felt a quick pang of homesickness. Sunshine — blue skies — gardens of flowers. And here — dirt, grime and endless crowds — moving, hurrying, jostling.


He got on a train and passed along the corridor, looking for a place. The train was full. It was only three days before Christmas. He 35 ______ to go to his parents for Christmas... And then, suddenly, he caught his breath, looking into a carriage. This girl was different. Black hair, rich creamy pallor, the sad proud eyes of the South... It was all wrong that this girl should be sitting in this train 36 ______ these dull drab looking people. She should be somewhere splendid, not squeezed into the corner of a third class carriage.


He was an observant man. He did not fail to 37 ______ the shabbiness of her black coat and skirt, the cheap quality of her gloves. 38 ______ splendor was the quality he associated with her. He thought: “I’ve got to know who she is and what she’s doing here.”


Вставьте пропущенное слово:


1) heard

2) touched

3) tasted

4) smelled

Прочитайте текст с пропусками, обозначенными номерами 32–38. Эти номера соответствуют заданиям 32–38, в которых представлены возможные варианты ответов. Укажите номер выбранного вами варианта ответа.


The Fruitcake Special

I was a chemist at the Amos Cosmetics factory in New Jersey, USA, trying to design a new perfume when it happened. I never thought I would discover something quite so amazing by 32 ______. Not me. I was only 23 and it was my second year at the factory. I liked my job very much but I was not a lucky person. I had come straight from the university then, but now I was a chemist in one of the biggest factories in New Jersey. It was an important position to have and meant lots of work.

I was 33 ______ out all the usual mixes of flowers and things- just as I always did - when I decided to throw in a 34 ______ of the fruitcake Mummy had packed for my lunch. I don’t know why I did it –just did it. I put it into the mix with all the other things.

I thought it 35 ______ nice, but there was nothing special about it, so I put the bottle into my handbag. I couldn’t give something like that to my boss. After all, I was a chemist and my job was to make perfumes in the proper 36 ______.

If I told him how I made this one he would tell me not to be a silly girl. Later, he would probably 37 ______a joke about it to his friends at the golf club.


It was my boss, David Amos. He happened to be walking past where I worked. I couldn’t 38 ______ being nervous. He was fairly sure of his good looks and never spoke to ordinary-looking girls like me. I was thrilled.


Вставьте пропущенное слово:


1) turned

2) seemed

3) appeared

4) was

Прочитайте текст с пропусками, обозначенными номерами 32–38. Эти номера соответствуют заданиям 32 – 38, в которых представлены возможные варианты ответов. Укажите номер выбранного вами варианта ответа.


Kent 1926

Uncle Will arrived at Kent at 5 p.m. ”What’s wrong with your father, Bess? Will asked after 32 ______ her with an affectionate embrace. Bess was his favorite niece and he came as quickly as he could after her call. She sounded desperate. Stepping back, Will peered into her face. It was pale and filled with 33 ______.

“What happened?” Uncle Will placed his hand on Bessy’s.

“Pa took my brothers fishing at Ravenscar last weekend and 34 ______ a cold then. It was chilly out on the North Sea, and very windy, and it poured with rain, they got drenched. His cold 35 ______ into bronchitis, as it often does with him. I think it’s a family weakness, a weak chest, I mean. His face is white and he is feverish. I have never seen Pa look as ill as this. That’s why I telephoned you.”

“I am glad you did, and I’m certainly glad I decided to come down to Kent last night”.

As they walked across the entrance foyer of Waverley Court, heading toward the staircase, Bess went 36 ______, “I think you know that my mother went to Rome for Easter. Her former college mate invited her. She took Cecily and the two boys with her. The boys were so happy. I didn’t want to go with them, and now I’m relieved I stayed here, so that I can look 37 ______ my father”.

”I’m assuming you’ve telephoned the doctor?”

“Yes, he will be here very soon. It’s Dr. Earnest Lessing. He is the local doctor we use when we are residing in Kent. Meanwhile Faxton and I have been 38 ______ Father the best we can. He’s been inhaling Frier’s Balsam and taking his cough mixture. I do think that’s helped.” At this moment the door opened and Dr. Lessing came in.


Вставьте пропущенное слово:


1) keep

2) help

3) stay

4) get

Прочитайте текст с пропусками, обозначенными номерами 32–38. Эти номера соответствуют заданиям 32 – 38, в которых представлены возможные варианты ответов. Укажите номер выбранного вами варианта ответа.


Daniel sailed out of Southampton on the Queen Mary that evening with his mother waving from the dockside. It was nice to have someone to see him 32 ______ , someone who cared about him. Daniel showed his passport to a ship’s officer at the gangplank and walked up into the ship. On deck, a steward looked at his ticket and directed him to his 33 ______. It was small but quite comfortable. He was excited as a child about his first trip abroad. While on board the great liner he wrote a long letter to his parents, which he posted five days later from Fifth Avenue. Early the following morning he purchased a ticket at a 34 ______ agency for a Pullman to Chicago. The train pulled out of Penn station at eight the same night, Daniel having spent a total of six hours in Manhattan where his only other purchase was a guide book of America. He couldn’t 35 ______ thinking about his parents. His parents didn’t know that he was going to Australia. They were sure he was going to spend his holidays in the USA.

Once the express had 36 ______the station, the Pullman carriage was attached to the super Chief which took him all the 37 ______ to San Francisco. Whenever the train pulled into a new station Daniel would leap off, buy a colourful postcard that indicated exactly where he was, fill in the white space with yet more information gained from the guide book before the train started to move. He would then post the filled-in card at the following stop and repeat the process. By the time the express had arrived 38 ______ Oakland station, San Francisco, Daniel had posted twenty-seven different cards back to his parents in the Little Boltons.


Вставьте пропущенное слово:


1) agreed

2) admitted

3) accepted

4) adopted


Amos Finnister was a private detective. In all his years as a policeman and a private investigator, he had learned about people. He gained a psychological insight into most as he 32 ______ them do foolish things. He was at ease with people from all walks of life, and in consequence they were at ease with him.


And this was most apparent on Friday evening, when Major Cedric Crawford dined with him at the Ritz restaurant. Amos 33 ______ to dine there when he lived in New York.


By the time they were halfway through dinner, Amos had the major laughing and sharing stories, some of which were funny. By the time they had eaten the main course, Amos felt comfortable enough to 34 ______ the answer to an important question. “I wonder if you have ever come across Tabitha James.”


Cedric 35 ______ knowing Tabitha with no sign of embarrassment or reluctance. “To 36 ______ the truth, I knew her quite well, actually. She was a close friend of a fellow guards officer, Sebastian Lawford. She fell in love with him at first sight. They were going to marry but unfortunately that did not come to pass.”


“And why was that, Major, do you know?”

“Oh, yes, I’m afraid I do. Tabitha had contracted pneumonia but 37 ______ no attention to her illness. Before I knew it, she was dead and gone. As for Sebastian, he rejoined the army when the war broke out and was killed. A sad story, isn’t it?” Amos nodded. So much depended 38 ______ this information.


Вставьте пропущенное слово:


1) admitted

2) adopted

3) agreed

4) accepted

Before Christmas

Vicky gave this party every year, just before Christmas. She 32 ______ to do it before the war and she was doing it now, when the war was over. It was always the same people who came. It struck her suddenly how clannish they all were, but to do then the Deravenels in particular were somewhat addicted to their family. Vicky knew that she could always depend 33 ______ her relatives in a crisis.


She was 34 ______ the guests greet each other and share the news. Vicky thought of her sister-in-law Kathleen, not present tonight. Vicky missed her presence. When Will had arrived tonight, he had 35 ______ that Kathleen was really sick. “But not Spanish flu,” he had added swiftly, observing the look of apprehension crossing her face, “just a heavy cold.”


Fenella’s voice brought her out of her reverie, and she looked across at her old friend, who was saying, “How is Charlie feeling?”


“He’s relieved he is safely home, but his wounds still hurt and he feels depressed ...” She looked at Fenella as if 36 ______ advice.


“Mr. Ridgely made a remark to me the other day that he wished there was somewhere wounded soldiers could go, to have some sort of recreation, talk to other soldiers,” said Fenella.


“That’s an interesting idea “Vicky glanced at the others, 37 ______ a brow. “Don’t you agree?”


“To 38 ______ the truth, I do,”Stephen answered, always ready to back his wife in her project.“ I think such a place would be quite marvelous for the wounded men, who are now coming home." Fenella nodded.


Вставьте пропущенное слово:


1) discovered

2) invented

3) opened

4) explored

Music lessons

It was a hard winter for Mother. She sometimes pleaded with Father but no one could ever tell Father anything. He continued to stand like a rock against stopping my music lessons.


To 32 ______ the truth, Father had certain natural gifts for debate. In the first place his voice was powerful and stormy, and he 33 ______ to let it out at full strength. As a second gift, he was convinced at all times that his opponents were wrong. Hence, even if they won a point or two, it 34 ______ them no good, for he dragged the issue to some other ground then, where he and Truth could prevail. When Mother said it surely was plain enough that I had no ear for music, what was his reply? Why, he said that the violin was the noblest instrument 35 ______ by man. Having silenced her with this solid premise he declared no boy should expect to learn it immediately. It required persistence. Everything, he had found out, required persistence. His motto was, “Never give 36 ______ .”


He said that Mother should be stricter with me, if necessary, and make me try harder. He also said that none of us realized what he had had to go 37 ______ . Mother started to cry and said, “But you’re downtown, you don’t have to hear it”.


Father was outraged. His final argument, I remember, was that my violin had cost twenty-five dollars, if I didn’t learn it, the money would be wasted, and he couldn’t afford it. But it was put to him that my younger brother Julian could learn it instead. Father was defeated, though he didn’t 38 ______ it, and I was set free.


Вставьте пропущенное слово:


1) gesture

2) agree

3) movement

4) signal


Old Margaret was just the kind of cook that we wanted. Lots of cooks can do rich to cook simple, everyday dishes dishes well. Margaret couldn’t. But she 32 ______ in a way that made our mouths water. Her apple-pies were the best pies I’ve ever tasted.


But to 33 ______ the truth, even Margaret sometimes miscalculated. A large, royal-looking steak would be set before Father, which, upon being cut into, would turn 34 ______ to be underdone. Father’s face would darken with disappointment. He would raise his foot and stamp slowly and heavily three times on the rug.

At this solemn 35 ______ , we would hear Margaret leave the kitchen below us and come up the stairs to the dining-room door.


“Margaret, look at the steak.”


Margaret would peer with a shocked look at the platter. She would then seize the platter and make off with it.


Father and Margaret were united by the intense interest they both took in cooking. Each understood the other instinctively. I have to 36 ______ that they had a complete fellow-feeling. Mother’s great interest was in babies. She loved her children and her happiness depended 37 ______ them. She wanted to keep Father pleased somehow, and if it was too difficult or impossible she didn’t always care about even that.


At table it was Father who carved the fowl, or sliced the roast lamb or beef. I liked to 38 ______ him take the knife and go at it. And usually the cooking had been as superb as the carving. Sometimes it was so perfect that Father would summon Margaret and say in a low voice, “You are a good cook”.


Вставьте пропущенное слово:


1) separate

2) single

3) only

4) sole

Helping Mother

“Liz! Remember to clean up the basement, ok?” Mrs. Parker called out. Liz, who was still lying in bed, sighed heavily and 32 ______ . “All right, mom,” she answered flatly, dragging herself out of bed. She got changed and headed downstairs for breakfast. As usual, the whole family was already seated at the dining table. Liz greeted everyone and sat at a 33 ______ seat next to her elder brother Evan. “Pass me the butter, bro,” she said. “Sure,” Evan replied and passed it to her. “Thanks,” Liz said, and 34 ______ a thin layer of it onto her toast. Mrs. Parker placed an arm onto her daughter’s shoulder. “Honey, I know it’s going to be a tiring day for you, and I’d like your brother to help too. But he’s got to head back to school for a day-long band practice.” Liz sat still and didn’t utter a 35 ______ word. She was mad that Evan had band practice and did not need to help in the 36 ______ chores. “I know what you're thinking, Liz. But honey, we really need your help. Dad's away on a 37 ______ trip, you know, his boss has sent him. Evan’s busy with band practices, and I’ve got to help your grandma. You know, her health’s been poor these days*” “Ok, ok. Enough of it, mom. I’ll clean up the basement,” Liz said. Sometimes she wished her mother wouldn’t explain the reasons to her. Anyway, she thought to herself, it’ll be good to 38 ______ the basement a little. She hadn’t stepped into it since they moved in here a couple of months ago. “Who knows something interesting will pop out of nowhere,” she grinned.


Вставьте пропущенное слово:


1) worshiped

2) admired

3) beloved

4) fancied

Mausoleum of Mausolus

The Mausoleum of Halicarnassus (present Bodrum, Turkey) was a tomb built in 350 BC for king Mausolus and Artemisia, his wife.


In 377 BC, Halicarnassus was the capital of a small regional kingdom on the coast of Anatolia. In that year the ruler of the region died and left the kingdom to his son, Mausolus. Before his death the father king 32 ______ control of several of the neighboring cities and districts. Mausolus 33 ______ the territory of the kingdom as far as the southwest coast of Anatolia. Mausolus and Artemisia ruled from their capital over the surrounding territory 34 ______ twenty-four years. Mausolus, although he was descended from local people, spoke Greek and 35 ______ the Greek way of life and government. He founded many cities of Greek design along the coast and 36 ______ Greek democratic traditions.


Mausolus decided to build a new capital, a city as safe from capture as magnificent to be seen. He chose the city of Halicarnassus. Mausolus and Artemisia spent huge 37 ______ of tax money to embellish the city. They commissioned statues, temples and buildings of gleaming marble. In the center of the city Mausolus planned to place a resting place for his body after his death. It would be a tomb that would forever show how rich he and his queen were.


In 353 BC Mausolus died, leaving Artemisia broken-hearted. As a tribute to him, she decided to build him the most splendid tomb, a structure so famous that it became one of the Seven Wonders of the 38 ______ World.


Вставьте пропущенное слово:


1) raising

2) bringing

3) rearing

4) growing

Mark’s Visit to Ravenscar

Mark and. Fenella were the first to arrive at Ravenscar. Mark had not been to Ravenscar for a long time, but even so he had not forgotten the spectacular 32 ______ from the library windows. As he and Fenella were ushered into the room by Cecily Deravenel, he 33 ______ his best not to rush over to the windows to enjoy the view.


“It’s lovely to see you both,” Cecily was 34 ______ , and then her face broke into smiles. “Ah, here’s Bess, your greatest admirer, Fenella. And Nanny with the other children.”


A moment later Fenella and Cecily were surrounded by the youngsters, all clamoring for attention, and Mark took the opportunity to walk to the other end of the room. Mark always thought that 35 ______ up children was so boring.


Turning around Mark allowed his eyes to sweep the room for an admiring moment, taking in long shelves of books, several memorable paintings, and the handsome antiques, made of dark, ripe woods. There were 36 ______ sofas and chairs arranged near the huge stone fireplace. 37 ______ the warm weather, a log fire was blazing. It was a pleasure to be in such a nice room.


His eyes settled on Fenella, who was momentarily preoccupied with the youngsters, and he had to admit he had never seen such beautiful children in his life. They might have just stepped out of a portrait by one of the greatest artists of the eighteenth century, Thomas Gainsborough, George Romney, Sir Joshua Reynolds. Suddenly he 38 ______ he had had children.


Вставьте пропущенное слово:


1) speak

2) talk

3) say

4) tell

Father Feels Starved

In the summers, when we went to the country, we usually hired a temporary cook to go with us, so that Margaret could stay in town. We hated to leave her, but the idea was that somebody must stay to 32 ______ care of the house.


But this didn’t work well. No matter how few the substitute’s faults were, Father had no patience with them. One summer, I remember, there was a nice woman Delia who got on well with Mother because she was so obliging and pleasant, but who didn’t 33 ______ Father at all. “I don’t give a damn how obliging she is,” he 34 ______ to say. ”If she won’t oblige me by cooking something fit to eat, she can go.”


This didn’t sound unreasonable, but to 35 ______ the truth, Delia cooked well enough for the rest of us. Mother tried to 36 ______ no attention to Father’s grumbling. At breakfast Father would put down his coffee cup in disgust and roar: “Does she call this confounded mess coffee? Take it away!” And while Mother and Delia were frantically making a fresh pot, he would eat all of his omelet and bacon, and then declare that he was starved.


The longer Delia stayed with us, the more alarmed Father became. He ate heartily, but he said he didn’t feel nourished. At last Mother had to 37 ______ that it was impossible to go on like this. “This is Delia’s last night. I do hope you will like Tobo, they say, he is a very good cook.”


The next night, Father found out, that the first dish was too Oriental and the meat underdone. So Mother sent for Margaret. She knew she could always depend 38 ______ Margaret.


Вставьте пропущенное слово:


1) lessons

2) classes

3) tuition

4) education

Sharing music with friends

Brenda is a nineteen-year old full-time college student, and she earns money working part time as a waitress. Brenda loves to listen to music like most young people, but she can’t 32 _____ the high CD prices that record companies 33 _____ for popular CDs. Brenda says that the prices of CDs are ridiculously high at $17 to $20 each and there are only two or three good songs on each CD.


She 34 _____ an apartment with three other roommates. She pays her own 35 _____ and she also pays most of her 36 _____. Her solution to expensive CDs is to download or copy music from the Internet. Brenda and millions of other people are called «downloaders» because they download free file-sharing software and music. When Brenda later gives, shares, or trades her music files free over the Internet, she is also an uploader. She considers herself an active music uploader, but the music industry considers her a 37 _____. From 2001 on, the Recording Industry Association of America has sued and fined dozens of file-sharing services, for uploading music files, and hundreds of people, for 38 _____ the law by downloading music.


Вставьте пропущенное слово:


1) as a result

2) because

3) on account

4) thanks

Your Future World

What will you be doing in 2025? Will you be living in an undersea research station? Will you be the chief engineer 32 ______ a bridge across the Atlantic Ocean? Will you be leading an 33 ______ to the planet Mars? Will you be…?


You can daydream, of course, but nobody knows exactly what the world will be 34 ______. But scientists have made some guesses.


Based on the advances made, they believe people will be healthier. Diphtheria, malaria, tuberculosis, polio and many other killers are under control now. These diseases are on the way out, 35 ______ to germ-killing chemicals, new ways of finding out about our bodies, and new ways of providing clean, safe 36 ______ and water.


Healthier people live longer, so we can expect the world’s population to 37 ______ sharply. It may double in the next forty years! This brings up a serious problem: how will we find food, water, and minerals for such a huge population?


Scientists are at work on some solutions. From the ocean they hope to get new fertilizers to increase the yield of the soil; new chemicals to kill crop-destroying insects without 38 ______ other animals, new sources of water or supplies of food.


Вставьте пропущенное слово:


1) disclosed

2) opened

3) discovered

4) exposed

The Great Discovery

In ancient times people lived on whatever food they could find. As the early people 32 ______ in numbers, they had to wander and search for wild fruits and seeds of wild plants or hunt for small animals.


Then one of these early people 33 ______ a great discovery. A great genius discovered the meaning of seeds. He may have noticed that where some seeds had fallen on the ground, new plants grew. Perhaps he was 34 ______ enough to put some seeds in the ground to see what would happen. No one knows how it happened, but man 35 ______ that if he put a seed into the soil it could grow into a plant which might yield hundreds or even thousands of seeds!


He was free of the need to be in a constant search of his food! Early man could now 36 _____ seeds in the spring and wait for them to grow.


In the fall he could gather a harvest of seeds. There would be enough to 37 ______ himself and his family all through the winter, with some left over for planting when spring came.


This discovery was the beginning of 38 ______ and the most important change that ever happened to people on earth.


Вставьте пропущенное слово:


1) contained

2) included

3) held

4) enclosed

The Best Breakfast in the World

The “Greasy Spoon” cafe on Arundel Road offers the best full English breakfast on the planet. Of course people 32 ______ about what “full English” should consist of but I think there is a small clue in the word “full”. This is a breakfast that knows no modesty. This is not a breakfast for those on a diet. It is the breakfast of Kings; it should be enjoyed 33 ______ leisure and last for the day.


That the “full English” (FE) contains both bacon and eggs is 34 ______ dispute. After this there are different schools of thought. Sausage, mushrooms, beans, black pudding, fried tomatoes and toast are often 35 ______ in different line ups and combinations competing for the best, all time classic FE. These are 36 ______ in different portions and styles and a decent breakfast is the almost guaranteed outcome. But an FE on Arundel Road beats all contenders for the best FE in the world because it includes ALL of these ingredients in 37 ______ quantities! They also serve hot toast on traditional toast racks with real butter. But best of all, each customer is served their own pot of traditional English tea (with tea cozy) which may be drunk with milk or cream. And all of this is offered for just £5 per person — and with a newspaper included! The Greasy Spoon is popular with working people and students alike. It opens early during the week for the lorry drivers and on Sunday mornings 38 ______ families come in and spend half the day there.


Вставьте пропущенное слово:


1) dealings

2) actions

3) procedures

4) events

A night at the Museum


Anna and Ira are best friends. They are both Russian but 32 ______ the Southbank International School as their parents both work in London. They are fifteen now and are studying hard for their International Baccalaureate. Every Saturday they love to visit museums and galleries in London and so now they have visited 33 ______ all of them. But, above all, their absolute favourite is The Natural History Museum in South Kensington.


They filled in an online 34 ______ form and became “members”. This means they get free magazines called “Evolve” and “Second Nature”, get fast track entry to special exhibitions and they get invited to previews, workshops, talks and special 35 ______ They even get to use the special member’s room where there are free refreshments, magazines and internet access. It 36 ______ them £56 for the year but they felt it was really good value for money.

Last weekend they took part in “Dino snores” — an event 37 ______ by the film “A Night at the Museum”. They were given a talk about bugs by TV nature presenter Nick Baker, explored the Dinosaur gallery in the dark on a torch-lit tour, watched films and played games, and then slept in sleeping bags under the shadow of the huge Diplodocus in the Museum's iconic Central Hall. It was a night they’ll never forget. Although Ira and Anna are both interested in Dinosaurs — they are more interested in present day wildlife and most interested of all in 38 ______ Russian wildlife. When they go back to Moscow both want to study and eventually become wildlife research scientists.


Вставьте пропущенное слово:


1) situation

2) sight

3) location

4) destination

The storybook wolf

Jose Luis Rodriguez of Spain is the overall winner of The Wildlife Photographer of the Year 32 ______ — a wolf jumping over a gate! He visualized his photo many years ago, when Iberian wolves first returned to Vila in the Castillo у Leon region of northern Spain, and cattle ranchers 33 ______ war on them. His idea was a picture that would symbolize the ancient conflict 34 ______ humans and wolves, while showing the beauty and strength of this fabled animal. But it took a long time to find the ideal 35 ______ , let alone a wolf that would jump a gate. His chance came when he found a landowner who was happy to have both the wolves and Jos6 Luis on his property, and also had the ideal setting: a copse and an ancient, disused cattle corral. Jose Luis started by placing meat in the corral.


Once he knew a male wolf was visiting regularly, jumping the gate, he began to introduce the bits of equipment needed to 36 ______ up a camera trap. At first, the wolf didn’t like the flash triggered by the trip beam, but after a few weeks he 37 ______ no notice of the light or the clicks pf the hidden digital camera. Now that the wolf was happy and the camera 38 ______ was right, it was time to take the final picture with a medium-format camera. When the first transparencies arrived back from the lab, Josё Luis was overjoyed to find he finally had the picture he had dreamt of.


Вставьте пропущенное слово:


1) longest

2) biggest

3) hugest

4) tallest

New Family Member

Tracey and her sister had always wanted their own horse. And although neither of them had much spare money, they were about to 32 ______ their dream. The tricky part was not getting a horse but actually finding somewhere to keep one. But eventually Mrs. Richards agreed to let the girls 33 ______ a small field at the far end of the farm. This was going to 34 ______ them £500 a year but it would work out at just over 20 pounds per month each which was OK. The horse himself was coming from the Horse Rescue Charity. They would need to make a small donation

every year to cover the cost of an animal welfare inspector who would visit twice a year. The 35 ______ expenses after this would be for food and vet bills. But the two girls were 36 ______ that they could manage and were committed to going ahead. And it was a big commitment. They were getting an eighteen month old skewbald colt named Domino. Horses often live over twenty years and the sisters were taking him on 37 ______ life. Actually they had plans to get another horse as a friend for Domino. But first of all Domino would need to settle down. He had been badly treated by his previous owners and was still a bit nervous and difficult to 38 ______ .


Вставьте пропущенное слово:


1) only

2) yet

3) even

4) still


As a small child I loved almost everything about Christmas. The excitement of Christmas Eve was almost unbearable. We’d go from house to house singing Christmas carols and be given hot mince pies and other 32 ______ Before bed our parents would read us stories and eventually put us to bed with warnings that Santa Claus would not come if we stayed awake. Before 33 ______ into bed we would leave out a mince pie for Santa and something for his reindeers as a “thank you”: For me Santa was the great hero and I never 34 ______ that he would come down our chimney to deliver my presents. I loved, as I mentioned before, “almost everything”. Immediately after Christmas I was told by my parents that I had to write “thank you letters”. As a six your old, writing 35 ______ one letter was a task, but several made a mountain — pressing down on my small world. “Why” I argued to my Mum “should I write to grandparents, aunts and uncles? Santa brought me all my presents”. And my mother would lie to her son. 36 ______ lies of how Santa helped Granddad choose my toy car and with the help of elves and reindeer delivered it for Granddad — but that still I should thank Granddad for the small part he played in it. The following year her lies were even more devious as she tried to 37 ______ me convinced. As I eventually solved this annual mystery, I of course lost all 38 ______ for not writing the “Thank you letters” as the realisation dawned that Granddad had managed everything by himself.


Вставьте пропущенное слово:


1) worry

2) trouble

3) bother

4) mess

Прочитайте текст с пропусками, обозначенными номерами 32–38. Эти номера соответствуют заданиям 32–38, в которых представлены возможные варианты ответов.


It wasn’t unusual for Amos to go to Deravenels on Saturday, even though the offices were closed over the weekend. He 32 ______ to go to tidy up his paperwork and do other small jobs he couldn’t attend to during the week. But on this Saturday morning he had a specific purpose when he arrived at the grand old building on the Strand. The uniformed doorman 33 ______ Amos close his umbrella and take off his raincoat. Then he touched his cap and said, “Good morning, Mr. Finnister”.

Amos had come to the office to 34 ______ a few telephone calls. His first call was to the Royal London Hospital, Whitechapel, where he quickly discovered the records office was not open on weekends. He then dialed Ravenscar and was put through to Edward Deravenel.

“Good morning, Amos,” Edward said. “I’m assuming you have some news for me.” Amos then relayed all the information he had gathered the night before.

“Well done, Amos!” Edward exclaimed. “Thank you for going into all this 35 ______ . I knew I could depend 36 ______ you. My wife will be happy as I am to know everything; it’s been such a mystery all these years. To 37 ______ the truth, I think that Grace Rose should also know what happened to her mother. It will finally put her mind at rest.”

“I agree, sir. I will telephone you on Monday”. Amos walked home, 38 ______ no attention to the heavy rain. He felt happy.


Вставьте пропущенное слово:


1) glimpse

2) look

3) sight

4) view



Diana had been hoping to get away by 5:00, so she could be at the farm in time for dinner. She tried not to show her true feelings when at 4:37 her deputy, Phil Haskings, presented her with a complex twelve-page document that 32 ______ the signature of a director before it could be sent out to the client. Haskins didn't hesitate to 33 ______ her that they had lost two similar contracts that week.


To 34 ______ the truth, it was always the same on a Friday. The phones would go quiet in the middle of the afternoon and then, just as she thought she could leave, a new document would land on her desk. Diana looked at the document and knew there would be no chance of escaping before 6:00.


Diana adored her children. At first 35 ______ she looked happy. The demands of being a single parent as well as a director of a small but thriving City company meant there were 36 ______ moments left in any day to relax. When it came to the one weekend in four that James and Caroline spent with her ex-husband, Diana would try to leave the office a little earlier than usual to avoid the weekend traffic.


She read through the first page slowly, aware that any mistake 37 ______ hastily on a Friday evening could be 38 ______ in the weeks to come. She glanced at the clock on her desk as the signed the final page of the document. It was just showing 5:51.


Вставьте пропущенное слово:


1) Few

2) Little

3) Much

4) Many

The prize


William and Philippa were rivals. They were considered the best students at New College. At the beginning of the third year they applied for the Charles Oldham Shakespeare prize for an essay. The chosen theme for the prize essay that year was "Satire in Shakespeare". Troilus and Cressida clearly called for the most attention, but both students 32 ______ to find satirical nuances in almost every play by Shakespeare. As the year was coming to an end, 33______ anyone doubted that either William or Philippa would win the prize while the other would come in second. 34______, no one was willing to express an opinion as to who the victor would be.


Before the prize essay submission date, they both had to take their final degree examinations. 35 ______ students studied as hard as William and Philippa. It came as no surprise to anyone that they both achieved first-class degrees in the final honors school. Rumor spread around the university that the two rivals had been awarded As in every one of their nine papers.


"I would be willing to believe that is the case," Philippa 36 ______ William. "But I feel I must point out to you that there is a considerable difference between an A-plus and an A-minus."


"I couldn't agree with you more," said William. "But 37 ______, when you discover who has won the Charles Oldham, you will know who was awarded less."


It turned 38 ______ that the examiners felt unable on this occasion to award the prize to one person and had therefore decided that it should be shared by William and Philippa.


Вставьте пропущенное слово:


1) disappointed

2) displeased

3) regretted

4) dissatisfied

My company


In 1978 I was chairman of Cooper's, a company which ran 127 vehicles of various weights and sizes. We 32 ______ in transporting goods by road.


My father had founded the firm in 1931, starting out with three vehicles — two of them driven by horses. By the time we became Cooper & Son in 1967, the company had 33 ______ in obtaining seventeen big trucks and delivered goods all over the north of England.


My father insisted that I leave school the moment I passed my О levels. "I'll teach you more about the real world in a month than you'd learn from any of those university types in a lifetime," he 34 ______ to say. I followed his advice and never 35 ______ it. I left school a few weeks after my sixteenth birthday. The next morning I joined Cooper's as an apprentice, and spent my first three years at the depot under the watchful eye of Buster Jackson, the works manager. He taught me how to take the company's trucks 36 ______ and, more important, how to put them back together again.


After graduating from the workshop, I spent five years in different departments. When my father retired in 1977 — at the age of seventy  — I took over as chairman. Then I began to set in motion some ideas I'd been working on for the past decade, 37 ______ I knew my father didn't approve of them. I never 38 ______ him, but Europe was only the beginning of my plans for the company s expansion.


Вставьте пропущенное слово:


1) approached

2) proposed

3) offered

4) suggested



Sir Alexander Heathcote was an exact man. 32 ______ people were like him. He was exactly six feet three-and-a-quarter inches tall, rose at seven o'clock every morning, joined his wife at breakfast to eat one boiled egg cooked for precisely four minutes, two pieces of toast with one spoonful of Cooper's marmalade, and drink one cup of China tea. He used to take a carriage from his home in Cadogan Gardens at exactly 8:20 and 33 ______ at the Foreign Office at promptly 8:59, returning home again on the stroke of six o'clock.


Sir Alexander had been exact from an early age, as he was the only son of a general. But, unlike his father, he chose to serve his queen in the diplomatic service, another exacting calling. He 34 ______ in progressing from a shared desk at the Foreign Office in Whitehall to third secretary in Calcutta to minister in Peking. He was delighted when Mr. Gladstone 35 ______ the opportunity to represent the government in China. For some time he had been 36 ______ in the art of the Ming dynasty. This appointment would present him a perfect chance of 37 ______ in their natural habitat some of the great statues, paintings and drawings he had previously been able to admire only in books.


When he arrived in Beijing, Her Imperial Highness wished him a successful term of office in his appointment and then the audience 38 ______ to an end.


Вставьте пропущенное слово:


1) achieved

2) managed

3) fulfilled

4) succeeded



Victor Rosenheim, an American banker, was Consuela's third husband. At first 32 ______ they looked happy. The gossip columns, however, were suggesting that the former Colombian model was already searching for the next husband. The Rosenheims flew into London from their home in New York. The purpose of their trip was twofold. There was always the chance that Mr. Rosenheim would take over a small merchant bank, while Mrs. Rosenheim intended to occupy her time looking 33 ______ a suitable birthday present — for herself. 34 ______ people have been able to discover exactly which birthday Consuela would officially be celebrating.


After a sleepless night, Victor Rosenheim 35 ______ to get up early for an important meeting in the City, while Consuela remained in bed toying with her breakfast. After breakfast Consuela 36 ______ a couple of phone calls and then she disappeared into the bathroom.


Fifty minutes later she emerged from her suite dressed in a pink Chanel suit. She stepped out of the hotel and into the morning sun to begin her search for the birthday present.


She spent some time in Asprey's considering the latest slimline watches, a gold statue of a tiger with jade eyes and a Faberge egg. She 37 ______ that her close friend, Tina, was not with her, she needed her advice badly. From there she walked to a 38 ______ shop, which despite a determined salesman who showed her almost everything the shop had to offer, she still left empty-handed.


Вставьте пропущенное слово:


1) Few

2) Little

3) Much

4) Many

Daniel and Diana


Daniel and Diana were good friends. They had majored in economics at Bristol University in the early 1980s. Then Daniel met Rachel, who had arrived a year after them, and fell in love with her at first 32 ______. In Rachel he found everything he was looking 33 ______ in a wife. They married the day he graduated, and after they returned from their honeymoon, David took over the management of his father's farm in Bedfordshire. Three children followed in quick succession, and Diana was proud when she was asked to be godmother to Sophie, the eldest. Daniel and Rachel had been married for twelve years; they 34 ______ ever quarelled. 35 ______ married couples were so happy.


36 ______ Diane was regularly asked to spend the weekend with them in the country, she only accepted one invitation out of three. She would have liked to join them more often, but since her divorce she had no desire to take advantage of their hospitality.


Diane felt tired. She 37 ______ her work, but it had been an awful week. Two contracts had fallen through, her son had been dropped from the school soccer team, and her daughter had never stopped 38 ______ her that her father didn't mind her watching television when she ought to be doing her homework. "I will survive." Diana smiled and thought about Daniel's birthday. She had forgotten to get him a present.


Вставьте пропущенное слово:


1) look

2) glimpse

3) view

4) sight

Philip and Michael


Philip Masters was a millionaire now. 32 ______, everyone in the club was aware that he had built up his own business from scratch after he had left his first job as a kitchen salesman. "Ready-Fit Kitchens" had started in a shed at the end of Philip's garden. Later, he 33 ______ in building a factory on the other side of town that employed more than three hundred people.


Ten years later, the financial press speculated that Philip's business was worth a couple of million. When five more years later the company was taken over by the John Lewis Partnership, Philip got seventeen million pounds. 34 ______ businessmen were as lucky as he was.


Philip was married for more than twenty years. He had fallen in love with Sally at first 35 ______. Now Sally was chairman of the regional branch of the Save the Children Fund. Their son had just won a place at St Anne's College, Oxford. Michael was the boy's godfather.


Michael Gilmour could 36 ______ be a greater contrast. On leaving school, where Philip had been his closest friend, he 37 ______ to find a permanent job. He started out as a trainee with Watneys, but lasted only a few months. Then he started to work as a reporter with a publishing company. He drifted from job to job. 38 ______ Philip, he married his childhood sweetheart, Carol West, the daughter of a local doctor. They had a daughter. Michael seemed to have settled down at last.


Вставьте пропущенное слово:


1) disappointed

2) apologized

3) regretted

4) dissatisfied

William and Philippa


William and Philippa were students. Some people, it is said, fall in love at first 32 ________, but that was not what happened to them. They hated each other from the moment they met. This mutual hatred began at the first tutorial of their freshman term. Both had 33 ________ with major scholarships to read English language and literature. Each had been reliably assured by their schoolteachers that they would be the star pupil of their year. 34 ________ students had such prospects.


Their tutor, Simon Jakes of New College, was amused by the competition that so quickly developed between his two brightest pupils. He skillfully used their hatred to bring out the best in both of them. He never 35 ________ it. By the end of their first year, they were far ahead of other students.


In their second year, they became even more hostile. When they were both awarded A-plus for their essays on Shakespeare, it didn't help. Simon Jakes told his colleagues that he had never had a brighter pair up in the same year. They taught each other most of the time and he 36 ________ acted as a referee. It 37 ________ as no surprise to anyone that, as the examiners felt unable on this occasion to award the prize to just one person, they 38 ________ decided that it should be shared by William and Philippa.


Вставьте пропущенное слово:


1) managed

2) waited

3) expected

4) made

Uncle Stаn wаs а noisy mаn. When he 32 ______ in the morning, he somehow mаnаged to wаke the entire household. No one complаined, аs he wаs the breаdwinner in the fаmily, аnd in аny 33 ______ he was cheaper and more reliable than an alarm clock.

The first noise Harry would hear was the bedroom door slamming. This would be followed by his uncle tramping 34 ______ the creaky wooden landing, down the stairs and out of the house. Then another door would slam as he disappeared into the toilet. Stan 35 ______ his breakfast to be on the table by the time he walked into the kitchen. He only had a wash and a shave on Saturday evenings before going off to the Palais or the Odeon. He 36 ______ a bath four times a year on important holidays. No one was going to accuse Stan of wasting his hard earned cash on soap.

Maisie, Harry’s mum, would be next up, leaping out of bed moments after the first slammed door. There would be a bowl of porridge on the stove by the time Stan came 37 ______ of the toilet. Harry had to be down within five minutes of the first slammed door if he hoped to get any breakfast. The last to arrive in the kitchen would be Grandpa who was so deaf he often managed to sleep through Stan’s early morning ritual. This daily 38 ______ in the Clifton household never varied.


Вставьте пропущенное слово:


1) in

2) up

3) out

4) of

The Silver Jubilee


The Silver Jubilee of King George V and Queen Mary in 1935 was celebrated by everyone at Trumper’s. There were various posters and pictures of the royal couple in every shop window, and Tom Arnold ran a competition to see which shop could come up with the most imaginative display to 32 ______ the occasion.

Charlie 33 ______ charge of Number 147, which he still looked upon as his personal kingdom, and with the help of Bob Making’s daughter, who was in her first year at the Chelsea School of Art, they produced a model of the King and Queen made from every fruit and vegetable that hailed from the British Empire.

Charles was angry when the judges - the colonel and the Marchioness of Wiltshire, awarded Number 147 second place 34 ______ the flower shop, which was doing a roaring trade selling bunches of red, white and blue chrysanthemums. What had put them in the first place was a vast map of the world made 35 ____ entirely of flowers, with the British Empire set in red roses.

Charles gave all the office 36 ______ the day off and he escorted Becky and Daniel up to the mall at four-thirty in the morning so that they could find a good vantage point to watch the King and Queen proceed from Buckingham Palace to St. Paul’s Cathedral, where a service of thanksgiving was to be conducted.

They 37 ______ at the mall only to discover that thousands of people were already covering every inch of the pavements with sleeping bags, blankets and tents. Charles knew he could only depend 38 ______ his luck to find a spare place.


Вставьте пропущенное слово:


1) confirmed

2) earned

3) defended

4) deserved

“Looking for Alaska” by John Green


“Looking for Alaska”, written by John Green, is a story that will leave the reader moved by the characters. The readers will 32 _______ things about themselves they may have never known.

The author graduated from Kenyon College and worked for the “Booklist” journal. He reviewed hundreds of books, particularly literary fiction. In 33 _______, he critiqued novels for “The New York Times” Book Review. His first novel “Looking for Alaska” was mostly 34 _______ by his experience at a boarding school. This book made the “Top 10 Best Book for Young Adults” and undoubtedly 35 _______ it.

The novel is flawlessly written, moving and stimulating. All the characters are real and can create connections with their audience. They no longer seem to behave like fictional characters, but rather real people that have similar problems and ideas as young adults nowadays. 36 _______ of this, readers are able to recognize their own search for self-identity or labyrinths they must escape through the main characters.

Overall, I would recommend this novel to kids in high school. The characters in this story showed me the good and bad parts of life and still 37 _______ me want to live through them. This novel generated a spectrum of emotions with each page and I could 38 _______ put it down.


Вставьте пропущенное слово:


1) else

2) so

3) even

4) such

“Faithful” by Jane Bush


“Faithful” is the final novel in the trilogy by Jane Bush. This powerful book pushes limits, breaks hearts and 32 _______ you think. It is much more complex than most young adult novels in its challenges of what is logical versus what is right. The novel 33 _______ a breathtaking story about the adventures of Tobias and Tris.

Tobias reveals vulnerabilities I never would have guessed he had. I loved the half of the novel, which was told from his point of 34 _______; the darkness and desperation he fights against were so intense it hurt my heart.

Tris’ side is less complicated and she doesn’t change much. However, she gains a deeper understanding of things, which in turn gives the reader 35 _______ a deeper understanding of the characters and their motivations.

While I loved so many things in this book, the writing wasn’t as exciting as in the previous novels, at 36 _______ not for me and not in the beginning. Towards the middle it gained more intensity and the pace picked up, and by the end I was on the edge of my seat.

The end was perfect not just on the characters’ parts, but on the author’s as well. It was an ending that left me 37 _______ earlier scenes with revelation that it was all leading to this. Jane Bush has definitely 38 _______ in creating an unforgettable world to discover.


Вставьте пропущенное слово:


1) event

2) occasion

3) case

4) point

After the war


When the war ended I returned to Trinity College and was granted an extra year to complete my degree. 32 _______ my father and mother considered my grant at Trinity the highlight of the year, I thought Dad’s receiving an award from the Queen was more important.

The ceremony turned 33 _______ to be a double delight, because I was able to witness my old tutor, Professor Bradford, receive his award for the role he had played in the field of breaking German military codes 34 _______ the war. I was proud of our little team working under Professor Bradford – as Churchill stated in the House of Commons, we had probably cut the length of the war by a year.

We all met up afterwards for tea at the Ritz, and not unnaturally at some 35 _______ during the afternoon the conversation switched to what career I proposed to follow now the war was over. To my father’s credit he had never once 36 _______ that I should join him at the family company, especially as I knew how much he had longed for another son who might eventually 37 _______ his place. In fact, during the summer vacation I became even more conscious of my good fortune, as Father seemed to be preoccupied with the business and Mother was unable to hide her own anxiety about the future of the company. But whenever I asked if I could help all she would 38 _______ was, “Don’t worry, it will all work out in the end.”


Вставьте пропущенное слово:


1) charge

2) fare

3) tuition

4) expense

Virtual High School


Christina C. was determined to graduate from high school. Yet, being not a driven student she faced numerous hurdles , leading to frustration.

At that point, a school administrator told Christina about a new public schooling 32_____ –Youth Connection Charter School (YCCS) Virtual High School – that could be a path to graduation.

Christina chose the combination of Virtual High School's online instruction coupled with the support from classroom teachers. This hybrid education model 33_____her to take online courses at home and attend some lessons at school.

"When I found out about this program, my mother said it was a good idea and told me she would help me get 34_____ it. The school even provided bus 35_____ so I could attend – and it was the best decision," she said.

"It was hard for me to adjust but taking the classes on the computer gave me a chance to study at my own 36_____," said Christina.

The online courses also relieved the pressure Christina often felt in a traditional classroom. "Sometimes I was hesitant to let a teacher know I didn't understand something. Because there were so many students, I couldn't get the individual attention I needed. The online courses really take the pressure off because you can 37_____ your time till you understand it all," she explained.

This past June, Christina, aged 19, graduated from High School and her academic success and newfound confidence spurred her to apply – and to be accepted – to Trinity Christian College, with a partial scholarship.

"I was shocked ... Here I was ready to give up, and I graduated with As. I can go to college and make my dreams 38_____true," she said.


Вставьте пропущенное слово:


1) talks

2) tells

3) says

4) speaks

“The Polar Express”

“The Polar Express” is a fantastic book by Chris Van Allsburg. The author has 32 ______ a terrific job at both writing and illustrating this book. He portrays the boy’s enthusiasm at going to the North Pole: this journey is 33 ______ a trip to an amusement park. Chris Van Allsburg’s writing is full of magic and wonder; the first person narration is realistic and heart-warming 34 ______ the same time. The

boy 35 ______ the readers what a wonderful place the North Pole is, he describes in every detail the city’s lights and the factories that surround the city. The 36 ______ that the text is set up will make any child want to go to the North Pole. Van Allsburg’s illustrations are colourful and appealing, especially of the images of the North Pole with the beautiful picture of all the fairy tale characters gathering

at the centre of the city. Also, the different landscapes that the Polar Express passes through are extremely beautiful.

“The Polar Express” is truly one of the greatest masterpieces in children’s literature ever created. The readers will share the experience of 37 ______ at the North Pole from a child’s perspective. They will also 38 ______ the wonderful illustrations of the North Pole itself. I would recommend this book to boys and girls aged five and up since there is nothing really inappropriate for small children.


Вставьте пропущенное слово:


1) on

2) in

3) up

4) to

Mexico City

Mexico City was hot and frantic with Olympic gamesmanship. The hotels were full but, fortunately, Kevin owned a country house just outside the city which we 32 ______ our headquarters. The Whites also had their home in Mexico City but they were more often than not at Kevin’s private palace.

I must 33 ______ that when Kevin decided to move he moved fast. Like a good general, he marshalled his army close to the point of impact; he spent a small fortune on telephone calls and 34 ______ in getting all we needed for the expedition in the shortest time possible. I had a fast decision to make, too. My job was a good one and I hated to give it 35 ______ nceremoniously, but Kevin was pushing hard. I 36 ______ my boss and he was good enough to give me six months’ leave of absence. I deceived him in a way, I gave him the right destination but not the real reason for going there. Yet I think that going to Yucatan could be understood as looking 37 ______ my father’s estate.

Kevin also used resources that only money can buy. The thought of it made me a bit dizzy. Kevin was able to lift a telephone and set a private police force in motion. It made me open my eyes and think again. There was something about Kevin that got at me. Whatever it was, I preferred to keep it bottled up. Will I 38 ______ it in the future?


Вставьте пропущенное слово:


1) over

2) on

3) in

4) out

The Chameleon Stone


That morning Tanon, a young farmer’s boy, discovered a strange stone in the cattle shed. It felt cold 32 ______the touch. Well, not exactly cold, more cool and smooth. It was fashioned like no other stone that Tanon had ever seen. He was fascinated by it and it 33 ______ his gaze like a venomous snake did its prey, just before making its lethal strike. Yet there was no strike – just the beautiful curves of this most precious of objects. At least, Tanon presumed it was precious, but now he had a decision to 34 ______. Should he take it immediately to his master or could he hold 35 ______ to its smoothness for just a little longer? A clap of thunder broke his daydream and he turned his gaze heavenwards. Dark clouds were forming 36 ______ smoke billowing from an open fire and Tanon knew he had not much time before the rain came. He had to get the cattle inside before the full force of the storm came to bear down on the farm. 37 ______ as he was standing up, his prize started to change. Swirling mists and patterns drifted over its outer layer and a pale pulsing light seemed to throb from its core. Tanon 38 ______ in wonder – was this some sort of magical object?


Вставьте пропущенное слово:


1) bring

2) fulfill

3) create

4) do



It was Christmas Eve. Amy had never before felt such a powerful energy on such an 32 _______.

Standing in the living room of the ranch house, Amy 33 _______ where Paul Chadwick really lived, since it was apparent he did not live there. Paul and Anna had not put much of a mark on the apartment, Amy reflected. The apartment was handsome but impersonal. She knew that the places where he was supposed to live were too tidy, too sleek, they 34 _______ like hotel suits. He had an office in the Towers apartment and one here, and in those she could see some marks of the man; but she saw none in the living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms.

The décor was resolutely Western, its furnishings assembled to 35 _______ the effect. Only one item said something. Above the huge smoke-stained fieldstone fireplace here was a small photograph, a snapshot, actually, of a grim, solid man in his sixties. He wore a no-nonsense expression, glaring disapprovingly at the world but not at the photographer. If you knew what you were looking 36 _______ in the picture, or used a magnifying glass, you could identify a bottle of bourbon on the desk. On a table at his side were two candlestick telephones. That was Paul Chadwick the First. Amy 37 _______ to John and his sister Emily and said, ”Your father is not what I imagined he would be.” Amy had seen pictures of Paul Chadwick, so his appearance was no surprise. What she had not seen in his newspaper and magazine pictures was that he was aggressive, beyond doubt, but 38 _______ that he was easily, naturally charismatic.


Вставьте пропущенное слово:


1) hold

2) take

3) keep

4) make

A trip to Thailand

I have always been interested in various cultures especially those completely alien to us. Thus, imagine my delight when my father 32 ______ me that he was taking us on a holiday to Bangkok and from there to visit a remote tribe that lives about 200 kilometers north of the capital city. As my father explained, the tribe lives an isolated life and the members are cut 33 ______ from the rest of the world in terms of their unique and even weird cultural practices.

During our trip I have noticed that the Thai people are very friendly and their greetings are very 34 ______ to the Indians’. For example, when they meet you they bring their palms together in a prayer-like position and bend their bodies a little as a way of welcoming and acknowledging you. It would definitely 35 ______ you feel as an honored guest. At first, I was rather 36 ______ by these greeting traditions which seemed so unusual and respectful to me. Surprisingly, soon I got used to doing that myself and 37 ______ this procedure during my entire trip to Thailand. We spent only two fantastic days in Bangkok before heading 38 ______ the remote village which was going to be the most exciting time of our lives, dad promised. We were excited and could not wait seeing everything with our own eyes!


Вставьте пропущенное слово:


1) deep

2) far

3) full

4) long

The dream bridge

This is a real life story of engineer John Roebling building the Brooklyn Bridge in New York, USA back in 1870. The bridge was completed in 1883, after 13 years. In 1869, a creative engineer named John Roebling was 32 ______ by an idea to build a spectacular bridge connecting New York with the Long Island. 33 ______, bridge building experts throughout the world thought that this was an impossible task. They 34 ______ Roebling to forget the idea, as it just could not be done and it was not practical. It had never been done before.

Roebling could not ignore the vision he had in his mind of this bridge. He thought about it all the time and he knew 35 ______ in his heart that it could be done. He just had to 36 ______ the dream with someone else. After much discussion and persuasion he 37 ______ to convince his son Washington, an up and coming engineer, that the bridge in fact could be constructed.

Roeblling had never had any projects with his son before. Working together 38 ______ the first time, the father and son developed concepts of how it could be accomplished and how the obstacles could be overcome. With great excitement and enthusiasm, and the headiness of a wild challenge before them, they hired their crew and began to build their dream bridge.


Вставьте пропущенное слово:


1) out

2) over

3) off

4) up

Rick Riordan – Author of Percy Jackson

How does an ordinary history teacher living in San Antonio, Texas, become one of the most well-known middle-grade writers of the 21st century?

Rick Riordan’s first book series “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” 32 ____________ out as a bedtime story for his son Haley, who had just been diagnosed with ADHD (attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder) and dyslexia. 33 _____ the time Haley was in the second grade and was studying Greek mythology. He asked his father to 34 ____________ him some myths as bedtime stories. When Rick ran out of myths, Haley insisted that he make 35 ________ some new ones. This is how the fictional character Percy Jackson was born, who, just as Haley did, suffered from ADHD and dyslexia. Later Rick told some of these stories to his 6th and 7th grade history class, who critiqued it, made some improvements and 36 ______________ him to write the story down.

At that time Rick Riordan was already an aspiring writer. He was trying and 37 _______________ to get some of his works published. On a whim, he sent his agent a manuscript with the title: “Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief”, which very quickly got published.

Rick Riordan got enough money from his first book to quit his teaching job and become a full-time writer. 38 _____________ then, he has written three more series based not only on Greek, but also on Roman, Egyptian, and Norse mythology. And he doesn’t seem to intend to stop writing any time soon!


Вставьте пропущенное слово:


1) achieve

2) manage

3) complete

4) master

How to become a good leader

Being a good leader takes work. It is not hard at all to 32 ______ the difference between a good and a bad boss. Exceptional leaders – those who are respected and 33 ______ by their team – have a lot of secret skills that they put to use every day.

Firstly, building relationships – both with your team and your partners – is crucial in leading a team. That means your success depends greatly 34 ______ interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is the ability to recognize, understand, and manage our emotions, as well as understand the emotions of others. It’s a part of how we navigate social situations and then make decisions to 35 ______ goals. Several studies have found that a strong emotional intelligence is a top factor for a leader’s success. 36 ______ to the research, managers with the strongest emotional intelligence were much more likely to succeed.

Exceptional leaders are ones who regularly 37 ______ employees of the main goal. A team needs to know what they’re marching toward. With a larger vision in mind, their day-to-day work has more purpose.

Great leaders 38 ______ sure their daily behavior is a model for their team. They’re reliable (meaning they always follow through on what they’ve promised), they respect people’s time (meaning they don’t make others wait unnecessarily), and they retain a thoughtful, objective approach to problems or issues.


Вставьте пропущенное слово:


1) from

2) for

3) of

4) by

Growing up with Joey

I enjoy thinking of my childhood. But when I think of my home town where I grew up, all that I 32 __________ to remember is dust. I remember the brown, crumbly dust of late summer that gets into the eyes and makes them water. It is the kind of dust that gets into the throat and between the 33 _________ of bare brown feet. I don't know why I should remember only the dust. There must have been green lawns and paved streets under leafy shady trees somewhere in town.

One day returns to me clearly for some reason. I was resting under the great oak tree in the yard. I was deep in thought which I have now forgotten except that it involved some secret. Joey and a bunch of kids were bored now with the old tire hanging from an oak limb. It had 34 _______ them busy for a while. “Hey, Lizabeth,” Joey yelled. He never talked when he could yell. “He, Lizabeth, let’s go somewhere.”

I came back from the thoughts of my private world. “Where at, Joey?”

The truth was that we were becoming tired 35 ____ the empty summer days.

“Let’s go over to Miss Lottie’s,” said Joey.

The idea caught on at once. Annoying Miss Lottie was always fun. I was still child 36 ___________ to run along with the group.

We went over old fences and through bushes that tore our 37 ________ ripped clothes, back to where Miss Lottie lived. I think now that we must have looked partly funny and partly sad. There were six of us, all different ages, dressed in only one thing 38 ________. The girls wore faded dresses that were too long or too short. The boys wore patched pants. A little cloud of dust followed our thin legs and bare feet as we tramped over the dusty ground.


Вставьте пропущенное слово:


1) give

2) take

3) keep

4) make

An unforgettable trip

When I decided to go travelling, I wanted to get away from everything for a while. I could suddenly feel the freedom and the adventure, and I really wanted it for a 32 ______ time. So I sold all my furniture, gave notice on my flat, quit my job, and then bought a backpack and a ticket halfway around the world.

During my first stopover in Singapore, on my way to Australia, I felt nervous. I sat tired and hungry in my hotel room, 33 ______ with my wish to take a flight straight back home. Because if I felt lonely after 34 ______ 14 hours, could I honestly do this for another 12 months? Fortunately, something inside encouraged me not to 35 ______ up and to see the night through, and I carried on.

One of my worries setting out had been meeting rude people, but I didn’t come across a single unkind person on my travels. In fact, the people I met were everything I tried to be: kind, considerate, creative, down to earth, passionate, warm and friendly. 36 ______ I travelled on my own, I was never alone – all the people I met became my friends. For example, one Italian girl gave me her jumper when I was cold, a Japanese girl helped me cook a meal, and another girl helped me with my bags on a train. Once I met a group on a tour bus who persuaded me to 37 ______ them on a boat trip, which ended up being one of the best trips of my life. And the guy I met 38 ______ chance walking down a mountain on Christmas Day is now one of my closest friends.


Вставьте пропущенное слово:


1) despite

2) although

3) in spite of

4) even if

The Lake District

The Lake District is a popular National Park. More and more people enjoy its fantastic scenery each year, due 32 _________ increasing numbers of car owners and improvements to local roads and motorways. This, 33 _________, is placing an ever increasing pressure on this beautiful and valuable environment.

Traffic jams in and around the Lake District create air pollution. Parking facilities at most tourist sites are overflowing in peak season causing visitors to park on the grass which, 34 _________, causes soil erosion. Litter is also a problem, 35 _________ many bins are provided and people are 36 _________ to take their litter home.

Activities 37 _________ hiking, camping and mountain biking cause severe footpath erosion. Visitors often leave the designated trails, risking nesting birds and animals being disturbed, vegetation being destroyed and water courses

becoming polluted.

In addition, the traditional hill farming of the Lake District has effects on the landscape. Grazing sheep 38 _________ the grass short and eat other vegetation, including young saplings. The difficulty faced now is how to preserve the beauty of this area without lowering the enjoyment of visitors or impairing the livelihoods of local farmers.


Вставьте пропущенное слово:


1) Otherwise

2) However

3) Although

4) Therefore

A special lunch

Dotty came to meet the editor Jerry Green in his London office. He praised her work and 32 ______ to publish her stories in his magazine. After discussing the contract Jerry invited Dotty for lunch. It was her first visit to a big city, so the young lady was really excited.

A shiny black cab stopped next to the beautiful building and Jerry took Dotty into the restaurant. A smart waiter in a black suit took their coats and escorted them to a table by the window.

“Please order 33 ______ you like,” Jerry told her as the waiter handed her a menu, and Dotty got lost. She had been 34 ______ up on very plain food and everything on the menu looked so fancy and expensive. Jerry saw her discomfort. 35 ______, he asked after a while if he could order for her. Dotty gratefully agreed. The meal was like nothing she had ever eaten before, and as one delicious

course followed another she began to relax a little as she found that Jerry was good company and very easy to talk to. He 36 ______ Dotty of her elder brother.

“Thank you so much for a lovely day and a lovely meal,” Dotty said when the lunch was over. She was so full that she was sure she wouldn't be able to eat another thing for at least a month.

“It was my pleasure,” he assured her. “I’ve really enjoyed today. And I hope this will be the start of a long working relationship. I’ll be 37 ______ touch soon.” Then she 38 ______ goodbye and caught a cab to the railway station. It had been a truly unforgettable day.


Вставьте пропущенное слово:


1) up

2) down

3) on

4) out


I never took Olivia to the theatre, but it was there I met her. I 32 ______ the habit now of going every Saturday night, usually alone, sometimes with George. It was George who 33 ______ me to Olivia Nelson. She was an only child whose father, a cotton merchant, had died and left her all he had. She was not very beautiful but she was tall, very graceful, smartly dressed and 34 ______ me at once. Olivia got interested when George said that I was a novelist. Novelists were not too common in Cornwell then, though I believe they are now as numerous as knights. Olivia adored famous people. She was delighted to meet me. It turned 35 ______ that Olivia had read my books, at least some of them and she liked them. She could 36 ______ intelligently about them. She praised them and criticized them with a good deal of common sense. She discussed new plays and new books with me. She developed a habit of being wherever I was to be found. We had a few meals together at restaurants, and I 37 ______ that I was dressing with unusual care.

She was so excited and happy, so full of good conversation, that I was charmed and captivated by her company. But I couldn’t help thinking that something was wrong. There was no 38 ______ to think the worst. However, I couldn’t make myself propose to her.


Вставьте пропущенное слово:


1) part

2) side

3) hand

4) place


Ted Sanford was born nine minutes later than his brother Harry. It was his twin brother, Harry, who was 32 ______ to become an earl, to inherit a castle in Scotland, 22,000 acres in Kent, twenty million pounds and one of the best banks in the City of London.

His parents adored Harry, especially his mother. He was her beloved son, she devoted all her spare time to Harry. Ted couldn’t understand why his parents loved him less than Harry. It was to be several years before young Ted worked 33 ______ the full significance of coming second in life’s first race. His twin brother in the years that followed 34 ______not only the usual childhood illnesses but managed to add scarlet fever, diphtheria and meningitis to them. His mother, Lady Sanford, feared for his survival. Ted, on the other 35 ______, was a survivor, and inherited enough ambition for both his brother and himself. He was always a winner. Only a few years passed before those who came 36 ______contact with the brothers for the first time mistakenly assumed Ted was the heir to the earldom.

As the years passed Ted’s father tried desperately to discover something at which Harry might triumph over his brother — and 37 ______. When they were eight, the two boys were sent away to Summer Fields where many generations of Sanfords had been prepared for Eton. And there Ted beat Harry in every 38 ______.


Вставьте пропущенное слово:


1) group

2) bunch

3) number

4) pile

Taming Birds

The most amazing thing happened this morning. I still can’t believe it! Everyone knows how much I love feeding birds. In fact, I have several feeders around the yard. So, today, just as I was 32 ______ to fill one of my feeders, I noticed a chickadee perched on the lower branch of a 33 ______ tree. The little bird seemed to be watching me.

Of course, chickadees really like sunflower seeds, and that’s what I always put in this feeder. I 34 ______ it was probably hungry and just waiting for me to finish up and leave. It was then that I got this great idea.

Chickadees are supposed to be easy to hand-tame. Well, the chickadee was still perched on the tree, and I had the seeds, so I decided to try. I took a 35 ______ of seeds, held out my hand — palm up — next to the feeder and stood very still. I didn’t even 36 ______ my nose when it started to itch! About a minute later, the chickadee flew to the tree closest to the feeder. I 37 ______ my breath and waited. It didn’t fly to my hand, but it did fly to the feeder! It took a seed and flew off to eat it. I knew it would be back, so I continued to watch and wait. And sure 38 ______, in about half an hour of patient waiting my stubbornness was rewarded and the chickadee landed on my hand!


Вставьте пропущенное слово:


1) showed

2) pointed

3) noted

4) marked

The Surprising Story of Jeans

Do you know about the California Gold Rush? It happened in 1849. Gold was discovered and 40,000 people called prospectors went to look for it.

Levi Strauss heard about them. He went to California in 1853. But he didn’t go to find lumps of gold. He went to sell materials needed for everyday life. He thought prospectors would need canvas for tents. It turned 32 ______ they needed pants. So he made pants out of his canvas. Soon Levi had used 33 ______ all his canvas. So he switched to another material — denim.

In 1873, Levi Strauss partnered with Jacob Davis, a tailor from Nevada. They created denim pants with rivets, or short metal pins, to 34 ______ the pants from falling apart. This 35 ______ the birth of Levi’s® jeans. The pants they made were strong. They wore well. They had sturdy pockets to hold gold nuggets. Word spread. Soon everybody wanted “Levi’s pants”. They started calling them just “Levi’s”. 36 ______ time, Levi’s became another name for jeans.

In the 20th century, Levi’s jeans became even more popular. If in the 1920s workers in the western United States were their biggest users, in the 1950s, movie stars such as Marlon Brando and James Dean wore jeans in films and on TV. Teens started wearing them, but jeans were not allowed in school.

In the 1960s, jeans became more 37 ______ as more and more Americans wore them. The demand for Levi’s jeans grew in Europe and Asia. In the 1970s, a pair of Levi’s went on display at the Smithsonian Museum. It was part of the American history collection.

Today jeans continue to be a popular clothing 38 ______. Many other companies make jeans in different designs and colors.


Вставьте пропущенное слово:


1) besides

2) in addition

3) except

4) moreover

Dirty Job? Oh Yeah!

“You couldn’t pay me to do that job!” Have you ever said that? Some occupations are so unpleasant that most people would never be 32 ______ to do them.

Jeff Biggs has a job like that, but he likes it. He’s the kind of guy who, as a kid, loved to play around in mud after a rainstorm, the kind of kid who loved squeezing oatmeal 33 ______ his fingers.

Bigg’s dirty job is being a sewer inspector. He inspects city sewer pipes that carry household wastewater and storm-drain runoff to water treatment plants. “Believe me,” says Biggs, “unpleasant doesn’t come 34 ______ to describing it. I creep, sometimes swim, through sewage all day.” 35 ______ to the unpleasant smells that he encounters, sewer tunnels are 36 ______ to creatures such as cockroaches and rats. And those creatures aren’t shy.

What is it like to do a really disgusting job day after day? “Someone has to do it,” says Biggs. “I seriously can’t imagine sitting in an office all day, and I earn a good salary. At the end of my workday, I’ve 37 ______ something, and I’ve helped to keep our city’s water clean and drinkable.”

And after work? “I don’t walk into the house right 38 ______,” explains Biggs. “We installed the washing machine in the garage and put a shower stall in there too. I toss my clothes into the washer, take a shower, and dress in clean clothes. Then I greet my family. Of course, sometimes the clothes go into the trash, not the washer.”


Вставьте пропущенное слово:


1) used

2) made

3) kept

4) held

Two years in a hut

Henry Thompson, a writer, built a hut on the shore of the pond and lived there all alone for two years. He did this for two reasons: because he wanted to 32 ______ that people spend too much time and money on food and clothes and because he wanted a perfectly quiet chance to write more books. 33 ______ to the writer, he spent only one hundred dollars a year while he lived in this hut. He raised beans on his land, ate wild berries, caught fish and “went visiting” his friends and neighbours now and then. To buy his woodsman’s clothes and a few necessities, he planted gardens, painted houses, and cut wood for his friends.

This period influenced Henry’s creative work a lot. He wrote a book called “The Wood” which 34 ______ all about these seven or eight hundred days he lived in his hut. Several other books also describe the time when he 35 ______ to live all by himself. These sold very well. In all of them Henry was boasting that he had found the only sensible way to live. “I am for simple living, and I 36 ______ being alone!” he would declare in his books. He 37 ______ you feel, when you read his books, that it is fine to walk around the fields, sniffing the wild grape and the green grass, and that no one can find pleasure like the man who rows, and skates, and swims. 38 ______, people passing by the pond used to hear him whistling old ballads, or playing very softly and beautifully on a flute, and they thought he sounded lonely and sad.


Вставьте пропущенное слово:


1) crew

2) team

3) command

4) company


On September 30, 1492, sailors on three ships, the Pinta, the Niña, and the Santa Maria, were worried. They had left the shores of Spain weeks 32 ______. No one knew what 33 ______ ahead. They hoped that they would see land soon, but land was nowhere 34 ______ sight.

Then their luck changed. They began to notice signs of land. First they saw a large flock of birds flying overhead. They even heard the birds call out. Then the 35 ______ of the Pinta spotted green reeds floating in the water. Sailors on the other ship also began to see signs of land. The sailors began to have more hope.

Christopher Columbus was the leader of the group. He urged the sailors to be more watchful than ever. He 36 ______ that they fire a cannon when they spotted land.

Then at ten o’clock at night on October 11, Columbus saw a light. Columbus did not trust his own 37 ______. He knew his strong desire to reach land might be causing his imagination to run wild. He asked two other men if they saw the light. The first man 38 ______ to see the light, but the second one did not.

The Moon rose before midnight and lit the water. With their eyes scanning the water, the sailors on all three ships watched silently. Two hours later everyone heard the blast of cannon. The men on the Pinta had seen land. All the men cheered.


Вставьте пропущенное слово:


1) said

2) told

3) talked

4) spoke


It was Friday, the thirty-first of May, and it was Shirley’s birthday, her twentieth birthday. Shirley could 32 ______ believe it, but it was true. And she suddenly, and wonderfully, felt quite grown up, very grown up, in fact. Last night her father had 33 ______ her a lovely young lady, and she had beamed at him, hugged him, and told him she was so happy to have him and Alice, have them as her parents. There was no one luckier than she was; Shirley believed that with all her 34 ______.

Last night, over dinner, Alice and Victor praised her and were talking much about how proud they were of her and what she had become, and she had experienced an enormous rush of love and gratitude toward them. Her father had added that she had a wonderful life ahead of her, and she believed him. He always 35 ______ her the truth.

Her dream of going to Cambridge had come true and for the past year she had been living her childhood dream, 36 ______ lectures. She 37 ______ every moment of living in that ancient city of shining spires, gracious quadrangles, and beautiful architecture. It was an extraordinary experience to be in that place of great learning, and she would 38 ______ it with love long after she had left. She was reading English and French history, her favourite subjects, and one day she hoped to be a historian and give lectures herself and write books.


Вставьте пропущенное слово:


1) of

2) on

3) at

4) by

The man on the trail

It was a cold grey day when the man walked into the main Yukon trail. He climbed the snow-covered river bank where a trail went through the pine forest. It was a high bank, and the man paused to breathe at the top and 32 _______ at the sky. It was nine o’clock in the morning. There was no sun or even the promise of sunshine, 33 _______ there was not a cloud in the sky. It was a clear day, but the sun was absent from the sky. This fact did not worry the man because he could hardly 34 _______ a day when he had seen the sun.

The man had come a long way alone, and he was really proud 35 _______ himself. The old man from the village warned him how cold it sometimes got in this country. He said that no man should travel alone in this season. Despite all the problems on the way, the man 36 _______ to save himself.

The Yukon River was hidden under three feet of ice with as many feet of snow on top. It was all pure white. North and south, as far as the eye could see, it was white. There was only a thin dark line that curved to the south. This dark line was the trail – the main trail. It led south 500 miles to the Chilcoot Pass. It led north 75 miles to Dawson and still farther on to the north a thousand miles more. However, all this – the distant trail, no sun in the sky, and the great cold – had no 37 _______ on the man. It was not because he was long 38 _______ with it. On the contrary, he was a newcomer in the land, and this was his first winter.


Вставьте пропущенное слово:


1) among

2) amid

3) along

4) around

Alberto Santos Dumont: Brazil’s Favourite Aviator

Most people have heard of the Wright Brothers, the two Americans generally considered the inventors of the first practical airplane. Few people 32 ______ than Brazilians have heard of Alberto Santos Dumont, another visionary in early aviation.

Santos Dumont was born in 1873 in Minas Gerais, Brazil. When he 33 ______ 18, he was sent to Paris to study astronomy, physics, and mechanics. He became interested in dirigibles, or airships held up by a “lighter-than-air” gas often 34 ______ in a balloon.

Santos Dumont’s balloons won many races and prizes, including one in 1901 for circling the Eiffel Tower in less than 30 minutes. Reportedly, Santos Dumont took the 100,000 franc prize and split it 35 ______ his workers and Paris’s beggars.

After conquering the skies in lighter-than-air vehicles, Santos Dumont became interested in heavier-than-air vehicles. His 14-BIS plane left the ground on November 12, 1906, to fly 36 ______ a speed of approximately 37 km/h and a height of 6 metres to reach a total distance of 220 metres. This flight demonstrated that a heavier-than-air vehicle could take 37 ______ by its own means.

The Wright Brothers had flown their Flyer I in 1903 with the help of a catapult’s launch. The Wright Flyer flew for longer distances at a higher altitude than the 14-BIS. 38 ______, most people consider the Wright Flyer the first practical airplane. Undaunted by this classification, Brazilians still celebrate Santos Dumont as a national hero.